What’s In ‘Fur’ Real.

Summer’s out and winter’s in once more. And it’s getting to that period when it feels so cold that you start to think ‘To heck with fashion” because it’s freezing like crazy outside and you wouldn’t mind stepping out of your house wrapped in something that looks like the duvet your great grandma used to dress her bed decades ago.As long as it keeps you warm right? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. As Seymour Hicks would say,  “A man does not buy his wife a fur coat to keep her warm, but to keep her pleasant.”
Yes, the words ‘warm’ and ‘glam’ can be used to describe one winter item. So if you are thinking on investing this winter in some warm clothing, make sure to include the Faux Fur Coat on your winter essentials list. I mean, what better way to dress warm and still look cozy and stylish without killing any animals? If you need a few reasons why you should get a faux fur coat, try these:
-Faux fur keeps you warm without making you look drab.
-You can pair them witha dress, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, mini skirt or just whatever you want. A slamming pair of boots or heels is always welcome to add to spiciness of your look.
-Faux fur is cheaper than real fur. More importantly nobody got hurt to make your outfit so rock away!
Need any more reasons? A little visual demonstration maybe?
Kelly Rowland
These celebs know the perfect faux fur coat ensemble includes a pair of skinny jeans, killer boots and a smashing leather tote.

Victoria Beckham
Kim Kardashian
Lara Bingle
Elle MacPherson
 Faux fur also looks hot when worn over an evening gown.
Victoria Beckham
Naomi Campbell
Kate Moss
 Like all good things, faux fur comes in leopard print. How awesome!
Kylie Minogue
Kourtney Kardashian
Solange Knowles
 And for the bold and fearless fashionistas amongst us, faux fur looks best when rocked...pantless.
Lady Gaga. I really love this coat.


Ready to shop? Here are my BEST FINDS:

ANIMAL SHORT FAUX FUR JACKET £79 from Miss Selfridge
Fake fur jacket, £39.99, H&M
Fake fur jacket from H&M
ASOS Stripe Faux Fur Coat, £90, ASOS
Waisted Fur Jacket, £188, Miss Sixty
Hope this post has warmed you up! Have fun finding the perfect faux fur for you.
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  • D
    April 26, 2012

    Just for the record, most of these pictures are of REAL fur