What Are The Best Things To Do In Summer?

Yes, it’s cold and dreary now, but that’s all the more reason to dream about lazy, hazy summer fun and what you might do when the warmer, longer days finally get here. The last thing you’ll want is for summer to arrive and you don’t have any plans, wasting precious good weather and time off work. With that in mind, here are some of the best things to do in summer that you can plan ahead of time (or at least prepare for in some ways). Read on to find out more. 

Go To The Beach 

What is a better summer activity than going to the beach? You have everything there that you need to have a fabulous day out. If it’s close to home, it’s an easy day out to plan, and if it’s further away, you can incorporate it into a road trip.  

The best times to get to the beach are in the early morning or in the evening when the sun isn’t so strong (and it’s less likely to be busy). However, if you want to spend the whole day there, relaxing, playing, swimming, and generally having fun, you’ll need to ensure you’re protected against the heat and the sun’s rays. Wear a large hat and cover as much of your skin in thin material as you can. It’s also a good idea to have a large beach umbrella. Place beach towels under it, and you can ensure you have a lovely, safe, comfortable base for the whole day. 

Go To A Drive-In 

This idea might feel as though it’s come straight out of the 1950s, but the great news is that drive-ins are making a comeback, and if you search around, you should be able to find some taking place near to you. This is the perfect way to spend a summer’s evening. 

Drive-ins are fun because they are out of the ordinary, which is always exciting. You can get food delivered to your car most of the time, and you will get a special speaker, which is included in the price of your ticket; this allows you to hear the movie playing perfectly. 

Depending on where you go, you might even be able to take some fold-up chairs and use the space outside your car to enjoy the film, which is just right if it’s a hot summer’s night. 

Have A Picnic 

Having a picnic lunch outside is a classic summer thing to do. Take some sandwiches, snacks, and drinks to a park near you for a nice meal in the sun. Don’t forget to bring games or other things to do to keep everyone busy.

You can also have a picnic with friends to make it a social event. The adults can catch up while the kids play. Both families could also decide to do a potluck-style picnic to make things more interesting.

If you don’t want to venture too far away from home, you definitely don’t have to; you can have a backyard picnic instead. This combines the special treat of eating picnic food with being in a comfortable space that you love. 

Go Hiking 

Although you won’t want to go hiking if the weather gets really hot, when it’s warm and pleasant, this can be a great activity to enjoy – and it’s certainly better than trying to hike when it’s cold! 

The beauty of hiking is that you don’t need much equipment. Some good shoes or walking boots are a must, and you’ll want to bring a first aid kit and some snacks and drinks, but unless you’re planning on camping out or mountain climbing (both of which are fun things to do in their own right), that’s about it. Take a wander through some beautiful countryside and see things you’d never see if you stayed at home. 

Make Lemonade

Even if you’re really busy and you don’t have time to do much over the summer, there will always be time to make lemonade. In fact, a summer without homemade lemonade is definitely missing something important. 

Lemonade is so simple to make, and it’s one of the most refreshing drinks you can find, making it second to none when it comes to helping you stay hydrated during the summer. Share it with friends and family, have it with a barbecue, or sip it in the shade while reading a good book (which is yet another perfect summer activity, especially if you need some peace and quiet to get your reading done). 

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