Why Vintage Engagement Rings Are Still In Demand

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While there are always innovative modern designs coming onto the market, there is something about a vintage engagement ring, and more and more young couples are searching for something a little out of the ordinary, antique examples not only hold their price, they also offer the timeless elegance that was so popular in the old days.


A Loving History 

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people choose a vintage engagement ring is the knowledge that the piece was once worn by someone else, and we like to imagine how that might have been. It is easy to conjure up romantic ideas that are connected to the ring, and this adds a touch of mystery and intrigue, as you can never be really sure of the ring’s history. If you are looking for something extra special, there is a range of elegant vintage engagement rings available at Kalmar Antiques, a reputable online supplier who always has an impressive list of antique pieces at affordable prices.

Silver Appeal 

In the 17th century, it was traditional to give the bride to be a silver engagement ring, which would be added to with a gold piece at the wedding. Silver makes for a very attractive base metal for any piece of jewellery, and the intricate designs and complex make-up still never fail to impress. For more detailed information on the use of sterling silver in jewellery, there are informative pieces of writing that explain the history of the partnership of silver and jewellery.

Edwardian Elegance

The Edwardian period saw the tradition of giving an engagement ring arrive, and this period is perhaps the most sought after by couples who want something out of the ordinary. The Industrial Revolution brought a new found degree of wealth to the working classes, and skilled craftsmen toils by their gaslights, creating stunning examples that are ideal for an engagement or wedding. There are also stunning images of Edwardian engagement rings on Pinterest that might give you some inspiration when choosing the perfect ring to signify the start of your relationship.


Early Twentieth Century Designs

After the Edwardian period, the trend for ring design became more geometric and in some ways, a little less feminine, and this style is still a very popular choice for modern couples. There are reputable online jewellers who specialise in vintage engagement and wedding rings, and by checking regularly, you might get lucky and discover a real bargain.

Outstanding Investment 

Aside from the obvious design attraction of an antique ring, you also have a considerable return on investment, providing you manage to secure the piece at the right price. People can be very romantic, but that doesn’t mean the business side of things should be neglected, and although the ring would never be for sale, it could turn out to be a very valuable heirloom and might pay dividends for future generations. Most things depreciate in value over time, yet a vintage engagement ring would typically increase in value over time, and that could enough of an advantage to swing the decision.

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Why Vintage Engagement Rings Are Still In Demand

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