Trending Now: The Scarf Print

It is hard not to notice the new stunning prints that are taking over the high streets. Yes, many fashionistas are giving the colour-block craze some time off and welcoming with wide open arms the new scarf print. The scarf print is basically the conventional scarf design being used on a wider variety of clothing items and outerwear. Big names in fashion such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel have introduced outstanding pieces in the collection that showcase the versatility of this scarf print design.

Celebs such as Beyonce, Jessie J and Rihanna have been spotted out and about rocking the print. I sometimes wonder if this print is trending because it is actually a very stylish trend or just because celebs are wearing it. What do you think?
Cassie in Versace
Beyonce in Versace
Rihanna in a Chanel scarf print bomber jacket
Jessie J

Scarf print silk trousers from the D&G collection cost £361.Which is an investment for most of us. So how do you achieve this scarf print look without butchering your savings?

Here are some great scarf print finds( at a bargain!) that I found.

Get Jessie J’s look with this Medalion Scarf print leggings from Topshop for just £20.

Pink scarf print bomber jacket from River Island, £30.

Grab this shirt from Zara for £29.99

 Orange patterned blouse from H&M for £19.99

River Island Bright Scarf Print Legging £7

River Island Scarf Print Dipped Hem Skirt, £45 
Solange Knowles
 Before you sign off let us know what you make of the scarf print trend. Will you be joining in the trend or is this one not cut out for your style? Sound off below!
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