W O N D E R S M I L E: On week 2 of  my @wondersmile clear aligners journey and I’m really excited to see the final results already 😆😁 Can you tell I’ve got them on now?! My front teeth have never been able to touch so I can’t wait for the day when the finally do! It takes some adjusting to but definitely worth it 😁 Would you you straighten your teeth if you had the opportunity to? Blog post and short demo videocoming up on my #alignersexperience so far. #ad 
#wondersmile #straightteeth #aligners

W O N D E...

A L L O: Allo from thee other side... just dropping this oldie shot by @arewaphotograph . I haven’t shot anything recently because, storms Ciara and Dennis . Actually I tell a lie. I’m currently in hibernation mode and renovating the house is taking over my organisational skills. Also #LoveIsBlindNetflix Part 2 comes out today so... catch me on Twitter 😂 They basically need to pay me for doing promo for this show because chile I been spreading the word 🤣😫🙌🏾

A L L O: Allo...

M E S H - U P: Twinning the background 🖤🤍 #mondaymood😎 
Captured by @arewaphotograph

M E S H -...

V A L S , D A R L S: Happy Valentines, ‘Gal’entines Day, ‘Pal’entines Day or whichever one you’re celebrating today 🤎 We tried to keep the Vals tradition alive by eating out and our 3 year old son literally dashed across the restaurant, nearly knocked a table over with me chasing after him as my husband watched in horror. Safe to say, I’m happy to be back home chilling and eating in tonight 😂 Y’all can enjoy. I’m doing Mamantines day in🤷🏾‍♀️😫🤣

V A L S ,...

L A T T E: No milk, plenty sugar. Ta 🤎

L A T T E:...

O O O: On Fridays we... tiptoe 😊🥴 #HappyFridayFolks 🧡🤎
(Heels - old Topshop)
Pic by @scarlettstvns

O O O: On Fridays...

E A R T H A: Tuesday’s tonal hues... #AFave 
Thank you @arewaphotograph 🤎🤎🤎
#earthytones #neutralstyle #monochromefashion

E A R T H...

V I N Y L: Monday blues but make it (chartreuse) green 🐛 .
📸 @arewaphotograph

V I N Y L:...

Top 50 Bloggers’ Choice: #2 – The Leather Bag

Everyone needs one sturdy, statement, stand out bag that speaks for itself in their closet. Even though bigger totes appeal to me more, a reasonably mini-sized tote will do just fine. Getting a really good quality statement leather bag is admittedly very pricey but here a few reasons why you will not regret your purchase:

-A good buy will go a long way. If it is original leather, it will last you for years. So choose the right one in a colour that you’re sure you won’t tire of in the near future. 

-Leather bags are an investment piece. Even if you do get tired of your one or you’re the kind of person who loves to update their closet every month, you can always resell them for a good bargain and replace them with yet another.

-We will forgive you if you rock them over and over again. Even celebs carry their statement bags EVERYDAY. think Rihanna and Kim Kardashian with their Celine totes. 

-They complement and add taste to even the simplest of looks. 

If you don’t have a statement bag, don’t kill yourself. It takes time. Hell, I don’t even have my dream one yet. (Alexander Wang rockie bag I’m looking at you). But if at all you’re looking to get one, these are some of the most popular ones right now.

I’m showing off my sturdy leather bag from Autograph at Marks & Spencer here.
Autograph, Edina Ronay and Ebay.

A picture of three totes on my Instagram which I got for a bargain:) 

Henar of www.ohmyvogue.com with a Prada bag
Stella of www.jadore-fashion.com with a Michael Kors bag.
Soraya of www.styleismything.blogspot.co.uk, Mulberry bag
Shirley of www.meek-n-mild.com rocking a Topshop satchel.
Nifesimi of www.skinnyhipster.com with a Zara bag
Folake of www.stylepantry.com rocking a Celine bag
Celine totes:)




Crocodile Doctors bag, £48, URBAN OUTFITTERS (BUY)
Hudson tan tote, £49, MARC B (buy)
Trapezoid city bag, £89.99, ZARA (buy)
Leather Multiway Satchel Bag, £59.99, EDINA RONAY via TKMAXX (buy)

Studded bag, £29.99, H&M (buy)


‘Rockie’ bag, £569, Alexander Wang, (buy)
Bayswater textured-leather bag, £795, MULBERRY (Buy)
Saffiano Lux Tote Bag, £1153, PRADA (buy)
Shoulder Bag Trapeze Calfskin and Stamped Crocodile Bag, £1232, CELINE
Are you a saver or a big spender? Which bags are speaking to you right now? Please share!
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  • adamis
    October 14, 2016

    While the leather bag is a favorite accessory for everyone, it’s important that the quality of the leather is well maintained for long term use. By taking proper care, you will not only extend the lifespan of the bag but will also keep it looking beautiful and striking forever.

  • Sarah
    March 31, 2017

    wow so many different pattern of bags. i love all the bags and color too. i am planning to buy a new bag for my office and found here amazing bags, it will really help me to buy best one.

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Top 50 Bloggers’ Choice: #2 – The Leather Bag

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