Top 5 Countries Not To Miss In Europe

When it comes to amazing destinations we all know that Europe is really a treasure trove of travel opportunities. There are so many cool places to see in Europe that sometimes it can be hard to pick a spot for your next vacation. Here is a list of 5 underrated European countries that offer you a chance to dive in and explore new cultures, foods, and cities. Besides, these countries are some of the cheapest places to travel in Europe, thus, your wallet will thank you! You’ll also be happy to know that these locations can be easily found among many Europe tour packages, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

As one of the most affordable and picturesque European countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the best spots to visit in Eastern Europe. Traveling across Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the incredible nature of these places. Beautiful rocky mountains, turquoise blue rivers, gushing waterfalls… All this you can see there. Start your route from the amazing capital, Sarajevo, and head to Mostar to look at the world-famous bridge, Stari Most, and many other historical attractions.

2. Malta

Malta is a paradise for people who love beaches. This island country offers an ideal combination of sunbathing, cliff jumping, lagoons and snorkeling to make you never wish to leave it. The weather in Malta allows to visit it in any season of the year. The Maltese are well known for their friendliness, generosity, and hospitality. 26 percent of the population in Malta is obese people which explains the fact that Malta is one of the most car-dependent nations in the world. The good thing is you can easily rent a car and make a splendid road trip out of your stay. There is also a good choice of hotels, holiday resorts and other accommodations where you can stay at for a delightful vacation.


  1. Andorra

For those who like skiing trips and winter sports, Andorra will be the best destination in Europe. Andorra`s scenery is almost certain to take anyone’s breath away. Its tumbling valleys and sky-reaching peaks between Spain and France offer the best ski slopes and resort facilities in the entire Pyrenees. But when the snow melts, you can make cool hiking trips, ranging from easy strolls to demanding day hikes.


  1. Czech Republic

With its breath-snatching views, medieval castles and towns, ancient ruins and world-class wineries, the Czech Republic should be literally on every travel bucket list. From Prague to the mountains of Bohemia, this country is the place that doesn’t disappoint its visitors. The modern parts of the country make a great contrast to its historical cities like Karlovy Vary, famous for its natural healing sources and a lot of medicinal spas.


  1. Albania

Albania is a home of fascinating culture and some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. While its neighbors Greece and Croatia are clearly established on the explorer radar, Albania somewhat remains a mystery to a majority of travelers. Filled with wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the ancient Greek City of Butrint, Ottoman architecture and magnificent mountain lakes, Albania is one of the most underrated places to visit in Europe. By the way, it is an extremely cheap country. Well, visit Albania, before the rest of the world realizes what they are missing.

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