Top 35 Duo Fashion Blogs

top 35 duo twin sister fashion blogs

They say two heads are better than one. That also applies to fashion blogging. One outfit is better. But twice the look is a visual experience! I want to dedicate this post to and appreciate bloggers who it best in a team. Not everyone can thrive when working in a team so every time I see bloggers who are doing it best as a duo, I have to do a hats off to them. Blogging alone is hard. But blogging with a partner I would imagine is twice as hard especillay when it comes to compromising and merging both visions as one. These bloggers have crossed that threshold and are triving marvellously as a team. They are living proof of the perks of blogging as a duo. let’s delve into some of the top blogging duos out there. Not in any specific order.

1. London’s Closet

Shope (nose ring and coloured hair) and Shore are twin Nigerian sisters living in London. They are both only 19 but already they have several worthy accolades that have been awarded their blog. Only last year they won the Company Style Blogger Awards yet again for Best Blogging Duo. London’s Closet was started in December 2010 by Shope (at the tender age of 15) and Shore joined a year later. Love, love, love how different their styles are yet they complement each other. They have a wonderful future ahead for sure.  

2. Britt and Whit

Britt (brunette) and Whit (blonde) are simply put, two best friends that live in San Francisco, work in media, and love to play dress up! They make me just want to grab my best friend and have her blog with me! I love both of their styles. They are very elegant, classy and fresh.

3. We Are Twinset 

Oh, hello there Sarah and Philippa. Two fashion-loving and blogging best friends who just happen to look soooo much alike  o_o I love everything abut their blog! Chic is the word. I love it when they do high street VS high fashion looks that are similar against one another. What I love about their blog is that they style the same items in different ways. I can’t tell them apart for the life of me! Luckily, they help with that in each post. In the picture below, Philippa is the one with the clutch. It also helps that Sarah is always on the left 😉

4. Nyane & Mpho Lebajoa

Can everyone say YAASSSS and Amen! I follow Nyane on Instagram and I must tell you, my feed is ablaze with her fashion.  NYané & Mpho. Pronounced (Nee-ya-nee & Mm-pour)  are Southern African (Lesotho) 20 year old twin bloggers and fashion creatives living in the UK. As aspiring designers their styles have a very strong point of view. Nyane is currently wearing grey hair and Mpho rocks a pixie cut or darker hair so you can tell them apart by that. 

5. Beckerman Blog

Blend in for what?! If you’re all about colour and an explosion of fashion, then the Beckerman sisters are your girls. Cailli and Sam Beckerman’s blog chronicles their street style and their adventures in their hometown Toronto. Outfit after outfit that I browsed through had me mesmerized. Their fashion is an art. You just cannot outdo these ladies. Their aesthetic is in yo’face and I LAV IT!


6. Closet Freaks 

I struggled to find male blogging duos (maybe you can help me list any you know below!). So I was more than thrilled when I stumbled upon these two. Anthony Urbano and Dustin Moore’s blog was born after their relationship started. Anthony (wearing glasses) has a very sporty chic and effortless aesthetic. Love his style and the fact that he wears a pop of colour every now and then.

7. Sisters In The City

Allison (brunette) & Corbynn (blonde), are the sister blogging duo behind Sisters in the City.  They are not blood sisters per se, but became sisters after marrying two handsome brothers and then immediately became best friends. That has to be the sweetest thing ever. Sister-in-law best friends who blog together? I fell in love instantly. I love how their different styles mesh together. 

8. Layllah

The only thing I love more than seeing a powerful black woman is seeing TWO powerful black women. Boom! I can’t even believe I had never heard about them until I saw them on Fashion Bomb Daily’s Bomb Blogger feature. I fell in love with their dynamic instantly. They resonate chic, confident and modern style and I’m here for every bit of it. These sisters are a force to reckon with. Oh, they are called Makeda ‘Kay’ Lynn (white coat below) and Cari Rene (sheer blouse in pic below)

9. Stylingo

Claire (grey dyed hair) and Lauren (dark hair or red below) are two Brit friends with a penchant for fashion and all things beauty. What I love about their blog is not only do they offer fashion tips but there’s a lot of beauty reviews and swatches that I can’t wait to try out. Plus they live Birmingham like myself. Yay!

10. How Two Live

Jess & Stef Dadon are two sisters from Melbourne, Australia who share their passion for fashion and travel on their blog. The brunette sisters – who aren’t twins but are actually aged 22 and 26 have a sense of style that is mind-blowingly cool. I cannot tell them apart for the life of me but I am in love with their style. I just want to join their gang like now! How does How Three Live sound? :/

11. Fifth & Sixth Closet

I fell in love with the personal fashion blog of these two Nigerian sisters, Bisola & Dammie Gee a while back. I love that their aesthetic is very bold. One of them is so feminine and the other is androgynous. A contrasting fusion that complement each other. I always click to see their full posts because I keep trying to guess what the other sister is wearing and I’m always wrong! They wow me each time. 5th & 6th stay winning.

12. Twin Fashion Blog

Move over Mary-Kate & Ashley. Nef & Nat are here to win! In the picture below where they are both sat on the staircase, Nat is wearing the visible ear cuff. That’s the best I can do. Good luck telling them apart in the other pictures 😉 TWINFASHION is a fashion and travel diary that offers an insight into the lives of Greek sisters Nefeli and Natalia Georgala. High street meets runway chic is what these sisters are giving me. I would kill to raid their closets. The shoes and coats are lush as hell <3

13. Girls Off Fifth

Jessica (black booties below) & Janelle Lloyd (grey cardigan) are NYC based sisters. Their blog is one of the oldest blogs I’ve known since I started blogging. They have been slaying from day one and to be honest they are one of my favourite all time bloggers. I can’t deal with how polished and effortless they always look. Jessica especially gets me. I see myself wearing a lot of her looks. Yesssssss, girls. You are both FABULOUS.

14. Kastor & Pollux

Kastor and Pollux’s dynamic blogging duo is made up of Bianca Venerayan (left below with nose ring) and Dani Roche (right) and they are most likely the best dressed BFFs you’ll ever see. Kastor and Pollux is an e-commerce shop and a personal style blog. Launched in May 2011, it documents their amazing style and love for fashio and photography. Their site design is a wonder to behold. Top marks for presentation and wit. Love everything.

15. A Piece Of Toast

Managed by two sisters, Sally Ann (posing with fiancé) and Molly Bernadette (all black outfit) who were born 15 months apart, A Piece Of Toast chronicles the life and style f two gorgeous siblings. Sally loves her job as a teacher’s assistant and Molly manages A Piece of Toast full time. Molly quit her job a few years back (2013) to manage the blog full time and that’s something I applaud her for the bold move. She’s inspired me. It’s a tough decision to make and she clearly did the right thing. Their blog is fabulous!

16. DPiper Twins

Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper are born to a Caribbean mum and an Ghanaian dad, they embrace their roots and display it in their fashion in bold and vibrant combination of colourful African designs. If you love their prints, their products are currently sold online. Love how they combine chic everyday pieces with cool African prints. Their Instagram feed is a delight too.

17. Pixiwoo

Sam and Nicola Chapman are two sisters who started their makeup blog/channel 7 years ago. They are very beautiful, fun and super likeable!! They have tested and swatched a myriad of beauty products for you so make sure to check out their channel and Insta 😉

18. Two Shoes, One Pair

So you think you can mix prints and textures?  You probably can but Naomi is FRESHER than you. WOMP. She is a #MasterColourBlockerAndPrintMixer. Two Shoes, One Pair is a fashion blog written and styled by Amy-Rose Watts (fringe) and Naomi Rowland (no fringe). Their blog is a visual treat. Good thing they live in the UK because I need to go thrift shopping with these two. THEY BAAAAD.

19. A Beautiful Mess

Elsie Larson (dark-haired with fringe) and Emma Chapman are the sisters behind A Beautiful Mess, a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. If you are also interested in working with them, you can check out current vacancies on their site. Their blog is a whole franchise. From excitingly DIYs, to homemade recipes, crafts and even classes; it’s a one stop spot for everything you need to get your life turned around from just messy to A Beautiful Mess 😉

20. Salt Style Blog

Jess (turtleneck) and Steph (redhead) run Salt Style which is a fashion blog curating current trends, how to mix and match outfits and relevant fashion tips. They also offer styling services and a dose of their personal style which I love!

21. Urban Bush Babes

Cipriana and Takenya ‘TK Wonder’ Quann are identical twins. Cipriana always has her hair in a bun and TK Wonder rocks dreadlocks. They are beyond gorgeous!! Their hair alone is life restored. Looking at them, I can’t think of a more apt way to describe them. Urban Bush Babes sounds perfect. The 3 words I would use to describe them are: URBAN. RAW. ORIGINAL. That is all. Check out their editorial spread. I was in awe for days.

22. Teetharejade

24 year old twin fashion bloggers Desi (blonde) and Nisi (brunette) from Germany  run this amazing platform. They blog abouut fashion, lifestyle, travel and have a Youtube vlog too. They are both giving me off-duty models chic which I love! Amazing photography and fashion. Great job Desi and Nisi <3

23. Lilly & Ash

Their blog is fairly new but already I’ve subscribed because I know a good thing when I see it! Love their carefree and chic style. Hair and makeup game stay on point for these beautiful misses. Keep slaying and keep the beautiful pictures coming. We diggin’ it! Oooh by the way, Ashley is the brunette with highlights and Lilly’s blonde 😉

24. Coco and Breezy

If these two didn’t coin the phrase too cool for school then I don’t know who did :/ THEY KILLT IT. I won’t even bother differentiating because I don’t know who’s who.  All I know is Androgyny Appeal Of Life is SERVED. Good news is, you can shop their cool eye gear on their website. Visit their Tumblr blog for a visual experience.

25. Pretty Posh, Oh My Gosh

Felicity (fringe and dark hair) and Lauren are two twenty-something British born women who met six years ago at Loughborough University and united by a shared love of fashion, beauty and bargain hunting. This list was missing a posh bunch and they are just the perfect pair! Love that they love a lot a lot of bold colours especially with accessories 🙂

26. Rachel et Nicole

Rachel (taller) and Nicole Effendy share their #OOTDs separately on Instagram, but the New York-based sisters serve double the style punch on their shared blog. In their own words:Rachel and Nicole are sisters by blood and on good days, by choice. Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of, well, anything but pink. Nicole is a Gemini while Rachel is Capricorn Unicorn. Nicole has no sense of direction whatsoever and Rachel can never understand why she’s so oblivious to her surroundings. Their only common ground is this site, and they welcome you to their crazy world.’ Hahahahaha. I love them already. If you’re a sucker for gifs like myself, you’ll love their Tumblr 😉

27. The Fashion Citizen

Two frugal fashionistas livin’ the dream in sunny Arizona. Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela (short hair) bring their love for frugal fashion and thrifting to Youtube: They host a web series called The Fashion Citizen, where they share styling tips, tutorials, and shopping hauls. Their thrift game is ON. The pieces they find are out of this world. I need to be THAT kind of fly. Do I need to move to Arizona??? :/

28. 2Many Siblings

It’s blogs like this that make me miss my family back home. Velma Rossa and Papa Petit are siblings from East Africa, Kenya. I’m sure their parents be at home like; “Nobody is allowed to look this cool. Now go to your respective rooms!” :/  The ‘duo composition of style and art enthusiasts’ have stolen my heart. In Velma’s own words: 2manysiblings is a passion project run by me and my brother, Papa Petit. The project simply started out of the need to document our clothes and how we live in them. The blog has since taken a life of its own and now it’s about collaborative processes with African photographers.

29. Vern & Verniece

Vern and Verniece Enciso have a stunning blog! Love the simple and inviting design. Aside from that, they are both stunning fashionistas with elegant taste.They are not twins but I still get them mixed up! I only just found their blog today but I have to confess it was one of my favourite duo blogs by far. Love it ALL <3 


30. Les Freres Joachim

Loïc Joachim and Swann Joachim are two brothers who have mastered the art of SWAGGER. Like one well-dressed hella fine man wasn’t enough. There had to be two of them :/ Understated macho modern chic is what they’re serving and everyone’s here for it.

Loïc Joachim (left) and Swann Joachim (right)

31. Mandeville Sisters

Grace (glasses)  and Amelia (two braids) Mandeville are two sisters who have a passion for film making, blabbing in front of the camera, fashion and travel. I am so glad I stumbled upon them via a good old Google search. Their blog is inspirational. To be doing so much at their young age and have so many aspirations is what I admire most about them.

32. Lobler & Delaney (Notes From A Stylist)

A fashion, style and food blog born in 2009 by two stylists. Ellen Lobler and Sara Delaney (pictured below) are two 40-somethings with a love for styling. Their partnership blossomed through pooling clients and tag-teaming them into shaping up their personal style. They have been in the business for 10 years plus and I can see their experience in their work. It’s flawless! Sara offers her take on current trends by showcasing her looks. I would love to raid her shoe and bag closet 😉 

33. Sugar & Spice

Madeline Becker ‘Sugar’ (top two pictures) & Kaykay Blaisdell ‘Spice’ are two sisters who share a similar passion for fashion. Sugar is well into her music whilst Spice is a creative writer. Her poems and write ups are on another level. Love their individual styles and their outfits are always a delight.

34. She and Hem

She and Hem are otherwise known as Jo & Victoria. They are fashion loving young Brits who reside in Bristol. Their tea party printed dresses and blonde tresses are all I live for. love the vibe of their style. They are so adorable. They were shortlisted for the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014 and Finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2014. Go She & Hem!

35. Spicy Candy DC

Carlis Sanchez (dark hair) & Katya Ananieva (blonde) are the brains and beauty behind this captivating fitness, food, fashion and travel blog. I love this blog because it has so many layers to it. There’s fitness, styling, fashion and best of all the outfits and photography are simply stunning! That leather coat worn by Carlis in the last picture had me drooling. YAS!!!!

There’s a gazillion of duo bloggers out there. Google may know a lot of them. Unfortunately I don’t. Also the longer the list got, the longer the page took to lad so I decided to call it a day at 35. But I’m sure you do know a pair or two I haven’t listed. Share with us below!!

Also, which pair of siblings, twins or BFFs caught your eye? 

Let us know 🙂

*Worth mentioning is this blog I came across. It’s written by six sisters and it’s called Six Sisters Stuff. Yes six of them! I don’t know that I’ll ever do a list of bloggers working in teams of 6 so I might as well mention them now. They are fabulous! Please check them out.

**Also, there are a couple of duo blogs by sisters I used to follow a few years back and when I checked on them last updated date was about 2013. Blogging is a weird thing because we only these people online and don’t really know what’s going on in their lives. So when they go MIA without notice it’s worrying. Estelle La Mode, Do Rae Me and a handful of others hope you are all okay :/ And if you are, get back to blogging when you can. You had a great thing going. If you’ve found something you enjoy doing and have left the blogging community, please let your readers know 🙂

 Hope you enjoyed this post.

Will you give blogging as a duo a go?

Stay tuned for more elaborate countdowns in the future 😉



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  • An Afrikan Butterfly
    February 12, 2015

    I like A Beautiful Mess!
    How do you keep up with all your blogs? I thought I went deep but you’re on a whole ‘nother level!

    • Art Becomes You
      February 13, 2015

      Hahahaha. I try to. But sometimes if I haven’t received updates from a blog for a while. I check their website 😉

  • Goatella Von Hart
    February 15, 2015

    This blog post is AWESOME !!! This blog is general really helps me get to know A LOT of blogs. I’d say the first ones REALLY stole my breath !! I can’t wait to start blogging again once I give my blog a face lift and go shopping a little LOL<3

    • Art Becomes You
      February 16, 2015

      Thanks for the comment. I love to introduce people to new n fresh blogs 🙂

  • Ramy
    February 16, 2015

    Great to know about such blogs out there! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • officialfantasy
    February 18, 2015

    How can i possibly love almost every blogger listed!!! I smiled so weirdly all through this post…talk about too cool!! Yass

  • sillycrazylove
    February 24, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing <3

  • Cheryl
    March 25, 2015

    HOW THE HECK DID I MISS THIS POST? I love all these suggestions. found some new people to follow. I iwsh i had a twin or sister who shared the same passion so that i could have someone to take my pics first before anything. I have 3 sisteres but they always from if i attepmt to ask even for a phone picture urghh.. love this post! you did your thing !

  • Cari Rene
    March 25, 2015

    We are so humbled to be featured amongst ao many great blogger duos! Thank you for the lovely highlight.

  • danielle
    April 5, 2015

    how two live is one of my faves!