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Let’s get into the weekend looking beat , okay? Okay!

If you are anything like me when it comes to applying makeup on yourself then this post should comes a blessing. Makeup application is a skill that is sometimes generally underrated by the general public. I mean, how hard could it be to dab some blusher on or better still achieve the well-known ‘everyday look?’ Believe me, until you’ve tried (and ended up looking like a full on drag), you’ll never know.  Well, do not panic. These expert beauty bloggers can do in their sleep what I struggle to achieve in 45 minutes. Which is why I look up to them. I’ve only recently, learned to do what looks like a winged-eye, thanks to these marvelous ladies. If you’re looking to learn a few tricks or two, or just the basics about makeup application and general grooming then look no further. These are my favourite go-to bloggers for all things beauty related.

1. The Accidental Beauty

First off this beauty blogger is no accidental beauty. She describes her blog as nerd’s guide to living gorgeously. I enjoy her goofy posts and her penchant for trying out the most unlikely eye-shadow colour combos. Have I mentioned she’s no accidental beauty? She also runs separate blogs for hair and food so you will definitely find a lot of variety on her page.

accidental beauty

Bright Lemony Face of the Day – How gorge is this?!

2. Bih-Youty

I knew God had buttered my bread when He blessed me with such a sister and friend. Not only is she the best listener but Bih also renders some of the best makeovers I’ve ever seen. Sandra has always had a passion for beauty and cosmetology and has just recently started turning her passion into action. Based in Yaounde, Cameroon, Sandra caters to the beauty needs of her delighted clients. Visit her Facebook page for more information about bookings and how to create looks for yourself. Vlog coming up soon!

My fave look by Bih-Youty

978003_390706257700708_2121925434_o 1015016_388613167910017_784720531_o

3. I Am Messy

These bloggers and their ironical names! Don’t you just love the word play? She’s far from messy. If anything, she executes some of the most flawless looks I’m yet to see. I love her tutorials because because she wears very light colours that I normally wouldn’t go near. Plus she’s constantly finding new ways to stop her face looking greasy. If you have the same problem, you might want to check out her tips and favourite products.

This is gorgeous, no?
My fave look by her.

4. Beauty By Lee

Stephanie Lee is a New York native who grow up in love with fashion and beauty.  As a freelancer for MAC Cosmetics she has been able to perfect her craft as she tailors the best look for each of her individual clients. Her mission is to change the world, one face at a time! She’s currently a contestant in the NYX Face Awards and the theme is Futuristic. I love the direction in which she took this theme. The finished look is stunning. Check out the video of how she achieved the futuristic look below. Hope she wins this. She totally deserves it! Visit her lookbook.

Lee’s NYX Face Awards submission. WOW!

5. LizLizLive

Repping for #TeamGorgeousChocolateSkin is the bodacious Liz. Liz is very lovable and relatable. It’s no wonder she is well-known and much-loved by followers.Not only does she have useful makeup tips to offer but she also has a great sense of style. I first learned how to whiten my teeth via a post on Liz’s channel 🙂 She is darn pretty and you can’t help but love her. Go Lively Liz!


6. Puksies Wardrobe

Eni baby is personality impersonified. You watch one of her tutorials and before you know it you’re on to the next vid and before you know it, you’re hooked. She’s very talented and funny too! Not only does she showcase makeup makeovers but also features hair reviews, hair styles, beauty products and a lot of other fun stuff that girls love 🙂 

7. MizzChievous

Julia Graf is a Swiss-Canadian lover of fashion, beauty and make-up. Thinking about what she has to offer? More like what has she not got to offer?! Mizzchievous Julia serves everything from celebrity inspired looks, to Arabic make-up, Halloween looks and even Tinkerbell.  So if you’re looking for a very specific kind of style, say the Beyonce Mrs Carter Show Look you’ll find it on Julia’s blog. 

8. Beauty By JJ

Manchester based, Jennie Jenkins is the absolute makeup artist guru. She’s the Ultimate YouTube Makeup Artist. She was doing tutorials before the y were fashionable. We have all learned a thing or two from her. If my makeup has ever looked good on a night out, then JJ has been partly responsible. Not only will you fall in love with her makeup tutorials but you’ll love her hair reviews which make me wanna spend big bucks on 100% human hair each time I watch them. Her videos speak better for themselves.

9. Ajoke Baybee

You may know her as Abosexc1 from her YouTube account. Ajoke is such a babyface, I love her eyes! Her videos are so simple to follow especially if you’re a beginner. Her Mac Ririboy lipstick tutorial is my favourite. Watch the video below.

10. Makeup by Shayla

The queen of hair and makeup of life. That’s who Shayla is. She’s so good at this that I don’t even know how how to go about describing her skills. If you follow her on Instagram you will be wowed by her execution. Flawless is all I can say. 

makeupshayla makeupshayla

11. Naturally Erratic

Bria has only been on the blogging scene for a few months now (since March) but she’s making her mark already. What I find even more impressive is the quality of her tutorials. They are very clean, simple and to the point. Bria is definitely one to watch. I went through her eye portfolio on Beauty Lish and I was blown away. These below are a few of my faves. Check out her blog to find out how to get these looks. View her gallery here. naturallyerratic

12. Beauty by Allie

Allie is beauty enthusiast and lipstick hoarder. I love her fresh take on colourful lips and I am dead jealous of her healthy looking dewy skin! You want to know how to achieve that? Visit her blog 🙂

beauty by allie beautybyallie

13. The Glamourous Gleam

Erica is freelance makeup artist and hair stylist. I first stumbled upon her blog about a year or so ago and knew immediately that she was one to watch. Erica’s blog is an inspiration for girls with that rich beautiful dark skin who shy away from certain colours. She basically makes any eyeshadow or lip colour look beautiful on her skin. Now I am so tempted to try bright orange on my lips. Thanks Erica! glamorous gleam

14. Yolanda Scullark

Repping Camer is my able, one and only Miss Yolanda Scullark. This girl has got talents  and you will be seeing her around for a very long time. Yolanda is good at what she does and has got a number of delighted clients to prove that. I also love how she switches up her hair every time which gives more life to her look. Visit her Facebook page for more fun and daring looks. 

15. Patricia Bright

Who doesn’t love Patricia the Brit Pop Princess?! We all do. She has the most fun, quirky and infectious personality EVER! She’s just so adorable and I’m thinking that’s why we all can’t seem to get enough of her. Patricia takes nothing too seriously and is lovable. Add Mike to the equation and you’ll get my favourite couple 🙂 #sweet. Patricia dishes a lot of fun ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, uplifting talks,  easy makeup tutorials plus we also get to watch Mike give her a makeover! Trust me, you won’t regret visiting her blog 🙂  brit pop princess

16. That Igbo Chick

Dimma is another classy and chic MUA repping Team Naija. Love her clean and simple blog layout. Her execution is on point. She also always has the best nails and nail art which is she gives us regular DIY for nails. I love them! She makes everything look so easy and graceful. Definitely one of my faves. that igbo chick

17. Beauty N The Bronzer

Amanda is a beauty enthusiast whose love for all things hair and beauty plus years of being addicted to watching YouTube videos led to her starting her own Blog and Vlog. One of my favourite looks from her is her bronze smoky eye look. She’s just gorgeous and is pleasure to watch. beautynthebronzer

18. Sondjra Deluxe

Edge. Lip piercing. Side-shaved head. Killer bone structure. You name it. Sonjdra has all the things that make me green with envy 🙂 Based in Vancouver, Canada, Sonjdra is a is badass MUA. She’s just way too cool. Sonjdra gives us the deets on her contouring and highlighting secrets. Worth watching if you ask me.

sondjra deluxe

sonjdra deluxe

19. Kyss My Style

Brittany is MUA and naturalista extraordinaire. If there’s anything I love more than a makeup enthusiast, it’s a naturalista makeup enthusiast. She combines hair and beauty tutorials into the most breathtaking results. I’m a sucker for her natural hair buns. Brittany is a sucker for shoe dupes. She blogs about where to get the most expensive trending must-haves for less. Visit her blog to be filled in on the secrets.

kyss my style

20. Makeup Game On Point

Jackie Aina is a professional wedding makeup artist from Southern California. Yet another makeup guru with a head of natural curls who plays around with beautiful colours on her face to complement them. I’m sold!


21. Zoella

22 year old Zoe is quirky, funny and very adorable. Disclaimer: Zoe does not claim to be an expert makeup artist or a makeup artist for that matter. But I’ve found myself captivated by a lot of her videos and it would be so mean of me not to share . On her blog you’ll find posts about quick and easy hairstyles to try, her goofing around with her brother, easy makeup ideas, shopping hauls reviews and her just generally being cute 🙂 And by the way, how does one get 900 comments on a single blog post?! Follow Zoe to find out 🙂

22. Start 2 Finish MUA

Lynn of Start2finishmua just made the Top 6 at the NYX Face Awards. Yep, she’s that good. Her blog dishes a daily dose of beauty and makeup tips. She’s just a very creative and inspiring person. She’s not just another pretty face. I enjoy her heart to heart vibe videos because I get a feel of how nice a person she really is. Keep doing your thing Lynn, you’ll go places 🙂


23. Tiarra Monet

Ms Tiarra is a gorgeous MUA with a lot of beginner-friendly tips on hair and makeup. I love that she doesn’t overkill on makeup and usually goes for more natural looks which a lot of people can relate to. I also REALLY got brilliant ideas on how to style my box braids from her vids 🙂

24. Coloured Beautiful

Ebony McCrary is a wife, mother, makeup artist and junkie, thrift store queen, and YouTube personality. Not only does she serve some seriously beat makeup looks but she’s also into transformations. A makeup transformation is when you use your makeup skills and artistry to look like another person. I’ve seen her do Barbie, Beyonce, Grace Jones, Eva Marcille, Josephine Baker, Betty Boop and many more. This woman is just too darn good.

coloured beautiful

25. Shiny Happy Pretty

Sabrina’s blog is a haven for makeup, eyeshadow, lipsticks, bronzers and all things pretty. I enjoy her very detailed and step by step pictorials which I find quite helpful. She also does a smashing winged-eye. Visit her blog if you wanna stay shiny, happy and pretty 🙂

26. Ms RoshPosh

Raschelle RoshPosh is one hell of a gorgeous lady. She serves a lot of celebrity inspired looks so for those interested in achieving makeup looks by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Rihanna then head on to her vlog. She’s super duper good at it. 

27. Makeup By Leina

Leina is 22 year old  girl from the Bay area who has caught the attention of over 270, 000 subscribers. She does makeup for all occasions from weddings to nights out. Leina’s must have makeup items in her everyday bag are definitely concealer, blotting powder, lipstick, and mascara. She never go out without these 🙂 For more tips and looks by Leina visit her YouTube vlog. 


28. MsDanti

Danyelle is lover of all things beauty and natural. She’s one of the first makeup artists I stumbled upon on YouTube and I’ve been following her since. What I enjoy most about her posts are her different (and daring) lip colour swatches.  She can basically pull of anything so it’s just amazing to see her work away on getting herself beat. She’s got very useful and easy tips am sure you’ll love 🙂

ms danti

29. McKenzie Renae

McKenzie Renae brings you the latest in upcoming beauty news and product reviews, the latest fashion trends, natural hair advice and tips, and (my favourite) the signature dope nails of the day!  She also dishes on her skin care regimen and natural hair tips. Even though she’s naturalista, McKenzie plays with a lot of different styles and textures and you’ll definitely grab a trick or two from her blog. Above all of it, her style is D.O.P.E. ‘Nuff said.

mckenzie renae

30. Lyric Rochester aka Jamaican Makeup Artist 

Lyric’s love for makeup started long before she was certified. She can create a masterpiece with her fingers. She boasts in her saviour Jesus Christ, and admits that her inspirations, are from Him. “Whenever I’m presented with a task, I’m always nervous. Are they’re going to like what I’ve done? Are they going to wash it off? I’m nervous. So I always pray” -Lyric. She was inpired by fellow beauty blogger and makeup guru MizzChievous to start her own blog. The beautiful Jamaican Makeup Artist is a welcome addition to blogging world. She’s accrued quite a vast following on the net since she stated blogging in 2010. She inspires her followers with her detailed tutorials and also offers the most affordable online makeup classes.

lyric rochester

I know many other amazing beauty and makeup bloggers out there but to exhaust all these amazing people in one post would be impossible. They are all fantabulous!

Did you spot any familiar faces on my list? 

Who are your favourite makeup artists? Who should have been on this list?

Hope this post has been helpful especially to amateur makeup lovers like yours truly 🙂


I came across this guy, Stahr Milan while I was doing this post and I must say he is VERY good. I love creative people. OMG. Here’s for your viewing pleasure:

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Love & Light 


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    Lovely Lovely amazing stuff..well done, thanks for the posts

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      Hey Chanille ,I appreciate your comment! Thanks for stopping 😉

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    Great pics and sites. I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I’ve been trying to decide how much value added to my photography I could have if I learned to do the makeup myself lol. Still debating on it

    • MsAidyl
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      hahaha Scott! i can’t wait to see how you get on . I’ll be looking out for when you do decide to give it a try

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