Top 30 Bald and Bold Bloggers

Let’s get this Friday started! I decided to do this post because I seriously get green with envy each time I see someone effortlessly rocking the buzz cut trend which I attempted once but finally ended up going for a mohawk instead. While my short hair days may or may not be be over, here are my top 10 blogger faves when it comes to consistency on maintaining that Alek Wek look. They sure do know how to look chic and trendy in a short haircut.
This post would also be an amazing source of inspiration for all my fierce stylistas who are sporting this look as well. Hope these bold and bald (sorry that was the only word that came to mind as I was rhyming) bloggers give you some inspiration on how to style your buzz cut this summer.
Disclaimer: I use the term bald loosely here to describe any bloggers rocking anything from the buzz cut up to about 3 inches long hair. 
Also: They are not in any specific order.

1.Zeinabou of The Shoe Gawker

Zeinabou describes her blog as the daily musings of a village girl, which I highly suspect she is not. What she is, is a gorgeous Zimbabwe-born unapologetic trendsetter with a blonde buzz-cut and a killer body. Her style is out of this world chic and unique. And that haircut only adds to her personality. If you’re looking for fearless ways to rock your buzz-cut, you need to stop by Zeinabou’s blog.

2. Rose Lazard of Dadouchic

It’s hard to believe Ms. Rose has only been on the blogging scene for only over a year. Her colourful ensembles, sultry lip colours and that unique buzz cut have won her a bunch of intrigued readers. Read more about Rose on her Style Diary.

3. Style Enthusiast

(Sings while typing: Oh na na, what’s her name…?) She describes herself as a pedantic, easily amused, tomboy at heart, 100% heterosexual style enthused young woman. Now that is an apt description. The Style Enthusiast loves menswear and is downright movie buff. She’s giving me modern + edgy and I like it! For tips on how to rock that buzz cut with a touch of tomboy while still looking feminine look up her blog. 

4. Philomena of Philomena Kwao

This British Ghanaian plus-size model has one of the most stunning faces ever. What I love about her Tumblr is that she rocks different wig styles so you can get great hair ideas if you’re running out of ways to rock your cut. 

I need a braid wig like this.


philomena kwao

5.The Messy Wardrobe

First off, this blogger’s wardrobe is far from messy. This queen is serving Erykah Badu realness with a modern on-trend feel. And she knows just how to wear her hair. Never runs out of ways to rock it. A beanie here, a hairpiece there; get’em girl!

6. Created Love

This blogger is giving real fierceness. Wish my hair was that sleek. Love her braids too. Work them baby hairs girl 🙂

7.Breanna of I Can Only Be Bre

Breanna Joli Carthern  can only be herself and that’s what we love about her. Her flawless skin and vintage inspired style are only contributing factors to why she’s such a stand out beaut. Be yourself  Bre, you rock.

8.  Micah of Control Creatif

If I looked this fierce with my hair all shaved off, I would never grow it out again! Micah Gianneli of Control Creatif is a sexy androgynous Freelance Stylist and Design Consultant. Unfortunately, I’ve only just found out about this blogger. I wish I’d done so earlier ’cause she definitely would have made the top of my list of my Top 40 Asian Bloggers because Micah (and her co-blogger Jesse) are most definitely IT!

micah gianneli


9. Jennifer of Fur Bananas

Before you ask: Her name is Jennifer. Fur is short for Jennifer. Bananas is one of the many words Jennifer uses to describe herself. In effect she’s Furbananas! I love Jennifer’s blog because she knows how to do high fashion looks at a total steal! Her hair only add to her coolness 🙂

10. Ariel of Faintly Masculine

Ariel may look familiar to you, that’s because she was on my Top 40 Bloggers of Colour.   Ariel gets away with the ‘chilling-with-no-makeup-on’ look every time. She also pulls off male clothing like no man’s business and that hair is gorgeous. 78j  

11. Zahrya of Beauty by Zahrya

Zahrya is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist from California. She’s also one of the fiercest bald black beauties I’ve stumbled upon. I swear every time I go on her Tumblr page, I want to cut my hair and dye it. But then again, a voice of wisdom reminds me that I can’t pull it off as well as she does. 

12. Mari of A Dash of Flair

Classy. Chic. Less is more. Are all words that spring to mind when I visit Mari’s blog. She keeps her looks clean and trendy. Plus that hair cut was so made for her face I swear.

This picture is giving me a Dawn Richard vibe.

13. Abi of Abi Chanel

Abi’s Tumblr is so much fun to go through because she’s always serving fresh outfits and poses. Yes, one thing Abi doesn’t seem to run out of is a new facial expression in every picture:) I also love that she finds new ways to wear her short hair. Colour, beanies, sleeked back and turbans are some of the many ways she does it. Make sure you check her out!

14. Ciondra of My MakeUp Addiction

The very stunning Ciondra Cameron  is a self-taught make up artist and licensed cosmetologist. i stumbled upon her on her sister’s, Zahrya (above), Tumblr page. Unfortunately Ciondra doesn’t have a site but she is such a stunner and she’s slaying that oxblood low cut so much I just couldn’t resist 🙂 Visit her Instagram page for hair ideas and to see her makeup tutorials. 75ee22beddc611e2ab5f22000ae911b1_7

15. Denisio of The Ravenous Creator

Denisio describes herself as a  West African, freckle-faced weirdo. I beg to differ. Her face is distinctively unique and her freckles are absolutely freaking gorgeous.  The short hair and colour work well for her face and if you are looking for a creative blogger that is unique, stylish and a vintage princess then look no further. There were so many good pictures on the Ravenous Creator’s blog and I just couldn’t decide which to pick but here are my favourites:

ravenous creator

Denisio showcasing a Maasai Choker

16. Keira of Keira Rowland

Keira is another makeup artist from New York City. 

Sidenote: Notice how all these makeup and beauty experts keep their manes short and tamed? Could long hair be a distraction from our facial features? I’ll have to look into that. 

Anywho, Keira is stunning and her skin looks amazing. There’s a certain sheen to it. Plus she’s working those cheek bones like a pro. Keira features a loty of different makeup tutorials on her blog. Her hair also evolves quite often so you’ll never run short of new things to look out for on her blog. 

17. Kris of The Kris Bliss

Kristin Brooks is a songwriter/musician whose blogs takes you on a very interesting journey. One thing I love about Kris is her eclectic outfit and statement jewellery pieces. Most of all I love how rapidly her hair grows back into a mini fro every time she gives it a chop (I wish!) Kris is yet another example of how to stay rock any hair cut and still look fab.

18. Ferriss of Urbnvntg

‘Ferriss Mason is a professional stylist and President of Urban Vintage Style Management, a cutting edge boutique styling brand that fuses contemporary style and concepts with vintage and classic clothing…’ her bio says. I can sum up Ferriss in a few words: Fierce  Awesome. Strong. Ferriss gives off a very strong and independent vibe and she’s super gorgeous. she pulls off her buzz cut like none other and I love how her blog has so many different parts to it. There’ll definitely be something for you on there. Make sure to drop by.

19. Nell of Nell The Model

Nell Coleman has one very memorable profile. No wonder she’s a model. She’s serving Grace Jones realness in the shot below. I love how she rocks the same cut but goes from looking fierce in one  shot to totally girly in the next one. Werk girl!

I’m in love with this pic of Nell Coleman

20. Diamond of Diamond Janae

This girl will give me hypertension one day” I swear every time I visit her blog, her unexpected and unique pairings shock me. She is one of a kind. Not only is she rocking hot vintage/eccentric styles but she’s also sporting a bold and beautiful ‘frohawk. If you’re up for some colour and out of the ordinary personality in style then Diamond is your girl.

21. Florie of Peanut Butter Trysts

You must read about Florie from her Style Diary feature a few months ago. She’s D.O.P.E. If this doesn’t make you want to cut your hair, bleach it and get a septum ring then I don’t know what will. Be it in box braids, a buzz cut or low curls Florie stays slaying.

22. Ellez of Guru Ellez

In her own words, Ellez is a ‘bah bah blonde sheep.’  She is such a bold and bald fierce lady. Despite the buzz cut she still manages to look very feminine and trendy in her outfir posts. Lovely stuff!

23. Nia of  Wear In The World Nia

Natural beauty Nia Groce just recently created a new link for her blog over at Wear in the World Nia. But most of her earlier followers will know her as Nia from Nia Fashionista. She was featyured on Style Diary. This girl has some of the best statement jewellery I have seen! And it’s a good thing because there is no hair to detract from their beauty. 

Nia Groce

24. Aiesha of Aiesha k Myles

Aiesha is a stunning plus size sporter of a fabulous buzz cut. I have not been able to find a blog linking to her Tumblr pictures so I’ve linked this entry to her Facebook where you’ll find amazing snaps of her styling her cut in different ways.

25. Like Water 4 Chocolate

This lady’s cut is everything. I can see where Will.I.Am got his new hair idea from…#copycat! Anywho, she’s a stunner and Iove the way she carries herself and looks extremely chic while doing so. I wish I could have gotten more #selfies out of her Tumblr page.

26. Autumn of Autumn Perez 

Autumn is a professional full figured model, makeup artist and hairstylist so she is basically her own canvas. Autumn posts about a lot of new hairstyles, especially wigs so if you’re rocking a similar cut and need ideas on how to play with new looks, Autumn is your wing girl 🙂 Visit her Facebook too for even more looks!

27. Nel of Girls of Plenty

Nel is bold,shiny bald and not afraid to flaunt her curves. She offers plenty of herself, she’s got plenty to say, plenty of style to show off and expects plenty. Continue dishing out the lovely posts Nel, we’re loving them!

28. Wilma of Fashion Sambapita

Wilma Nicole is Made in Luanda (Angola) Fabricate in Lisboa (Portugal) and distributed worldwide. This lady is simply too cool. She does eclectic like none other and makes it look so effortless. Keep doing your thing Wilma, you rock!

29. The Immaculate Beauty

The blog title aptly describes this blogger. She’s a stunner. She opts for low simply and easy to achieve hairstyles. Visit her Tumblr for more looks.

30. Zizzi of Zizzi’s Wardrobe

I knew she’d do it! I have been following Zizzi’s hair chronicles for quite a while now. She never ran out of ways to style her side braids. Now she’s gone bald and still looks as good as always. She’s only been bald a few weeks now but Zizzi is always one to watch, so keep an eye out on her blog for bold ideas.


Shamar Clay 

Shamar Clay is my ‘bonus’ because I cannot seem to find any of her social media online links. Her blog has been taken down which is sad because she’s amazeballs. Shamar, if you’re reading this please get back to blogging. You slayed! Here are a few pics of Shamar anyway:


And there you have it. My list of bold bloggers with shaved heads. They are all fabulous and pull off the short afro styles amazingly well.

Who were your favourites?

Did you find this post interesting and/or helpful?

It has certainly enlightened me. 

Drop a comment and let me know which category you’d like to see next.

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Love  & Light xx

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  • Sandy
    July 12, 2013

    Mind-blowing!!!! True inspiration

  • Ifeoma
    July 12, 2013

    these women are all so beautiful… I’m sooo tempted to visit my hairdressers, I especially love the blonde/ice white colors!

    Ify. x

    • MsAidyl
      July 12, 2013

      Welcome to club! i think they’re stunning too!

  • Rose
    July 17, 2013

    aww thank you for featuring me in this post:)

  • niaag
    July 28, 2013

    You are awesome! Thank you for this great post and for including me in it :).



  • Tiny Micia
    August 19, 2013

    Oh Gosh !! I’ve never been so convinced to cut my hair ….. These ladies r beautiful !! Great post.

    • MsAidyl
      August 19, 2013

      I’m at that point to Tiny. almost going for that big chop! They are pretty:)

  • Ferriss Mason
    August 31, 2013

    Just found this by “googling” myself, lol! Thanks for the love! I totally need to step my ish up! lol! New content asap!

    • MsAidyl
      September 1, 2013

      great to read from you Fierce Ferriss! pls do bring content, we’re eager lol.
      thanks for stopping.

  • Bruce Page
    February 23, 2014

    Beautiful woman,real woman….

  • Ebony Wilson
    February 24, 2014

    I love this! I’ve had my haircut now for 16 years. Will never have long hair again!

  • I guess it would help to post a picture! As I said in the above comment, Thanks for this article!

  • thelifeofabaldwoman
    March 20, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Life of a BALD Woman and commented:
    So excited to be featured on this BLOG!!!

  • happilyevaesther
    July 21, 2014

    Reblogged this on happilyevaesther and commented:
    Top ten fellow bald bloggers… Fabulous ladies 🙂

  • Michele
    January 18, 2015

    You are a saint! I lost my hair due to a medical condition and was feeling very insecure going bald. But seeing these phenomenal women inspires me to just do it. Thanks so much.

  • cynmd
    July 15, 2015

    Love the list, but how about Blake Von D? Her blog is great and she’s super gorgeous and has short hair.

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