Top 10 Exotic River Cruises

Whether it is on the Nile, deep in Australia, or in the Amazon, river cruises are gaining popularity. Rather than going on a road trip or a charter cruise on boats, you should consider engaging in an exotic river cruise. This is the perfect way to have fun, and reconnect with nature. The following list includes the top 10 exotic river cruises that you should add to your bucket list.


1. The Nile River Cruise


The Nile River Cruise is an exotic river expedition meant for those who want to explore the Nile and the desert land that surrounds it. River Nile cruise packages often include trips to historical sites such as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the Valley of Kings, and the pyramids of Giza.

2. The Amazon River Cruise

The Amazon River Cruise is an adventurous and fun-filled cruise that will take you through the picturesque rainforests of Peru, Brazil, and other South American countries. This cruise offers you the best opportunity to capture and experience the enchanting beauty of the diverse ecosystem. If you want to experience the real-life version of Disney’s jungle cruise, you should try out the Amazon River cruise.   

3. Danube River Cruise

The 2,800 km-long Danube River has some of the most exhilarating river cruising stretches. When you sign up for a Danube River cruise package, you will have 8 days of fun, and an opportunity to see historical sites.  From the Opera House and St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna to the medieval city of Regensburg, and Melk’s Benedict Abbey.

4. The Yangtze River Cruise

This cruise offers you an opportunity to travel beautiful China and sample the riches of the Asian country. Yangtze River cruises typically start or end in Chongqing. The highlight of this cruise is viewing the Three Gorges, a remarkable and massive dam. The voyage is often shrouded in mist, sheer cliffs, and other natural wonders.

5. The Mississippi River Cruise

If you are a history buff, you should add the Mississippi River Cruise to your bucket list. Companies that offer trips on Mississippi River typically put together fun-filled packages and itineraries. Cruises on the Mississippi River are often undertaken on paddlewheel steamboats, which have Victorian-era designs on the exterior but feature modern luxuries and amenities that you will find in a five-star hotel. Therefore, the Mississippi River cruise is among the most comfortable cruises that you can undertake.

6. The Jumping Croc Cruises

If you want to experience the site of terrifyingly massive crocodiles jumping out of the water to catch birds, you should book a Jumping Croc Cruise. Besides seeing the crocs, you will also view other enchanting features of Top End Adelaide River including exotic fishes and caves. The turquoise water of Adelaide River is also a sight to behold.

7. Noosa Everglades Discovery Cruise

There is no better way of savouring the hinterlands of New South Wales than being part of the Noosa Everglades discovery cruise. With this exotic river cruise, you will head deep into Australia’s Cooloola National Park along the Noosa River. There are numerous natural sites to sample while on this cruise. You will see everything from pelicans perched on boats, thick forests, to rudimentary camps that were once used by loggers.

8. The Murray River Cruise

No Australian river cruise is as exciting as the Murray River cruise. Trips on the Murray River are designed to evoke memories of past expeditions. The cruises offer you the opportunity to ride on paddle steamers on the mighty Murray River. While on this cruise, you will see Echuca, a legendary port that was used to transport wool to Melbourne. The eye-catching red gums that line the banks of River Murray will blow your mind away.

9. The Hawkesbury River Cruise

River Hawkesbury cuts across most of New South Wales, with nothing more than deep forest along its banks. You can engage in fishing, bird sighting, or even swimming in the shallow sections of the river. You will also get an opportunity to learn about how communities living along the river maintain their decades-old traditions by getting parcels and posts through the Riverboat Postman. If you are fascinated by the idea of combining a tourist cruise with a mail run, this is the perfect river cruise for you.

10. The Wow Wilderness Cruise

This isn’t a river cruise per se considering that the Walpole-Nornalup River is just an inlet towards the ocean. Even so, the Wow Wilderness gives you a chance to sample exciting natural attractions such as the bare-footed muir and the spectacular moody beaches along the inlet.

Exotic river cruises are gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why. They give you an opportunity to see nature at its best, and sample some of the most spectacular natural and human-made attractions. Next time you want to undertake a charter cruise, book one of the aforementioned cruises.

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Top 10 Exotic River Cruises

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