Tips on How to Look Stylish and Elegant in Your Prom Dress


There’s no denying that prom is one of the most important occasions for teenagers—it’s something they’ll always remember for the rest of their lives. Naturally, everyone would love to look good in their prom dresses. However, let’s not forget that all the preparation and planning for prom can be quite complicated.

Here are some tips for you to avoid that problem:

Tip #1: Choosing the length of your dress

If you’re going to dance all through the night, short prom dresses are perfect. Nothing beats those lovely cocktail dresses with short yet fashionable skirt made of chiffon or tulle—these types offer the right amount of sophistication. Another tip would be to choose to shop at a reliable dress store like the Prom Dress Shop, because they usually offer the most elegant and beautiful designer dresses perfect for this occasion.


Tip #2: Make sure the straps are sturdy

If you love to dance, then having strong straps is very important. This would help in securing your dress while you showcase your dancing skill. Aside from that, sturdy straps would also help in keeping your dress look good all the while, boosting your confidence all throughout the night.

A lot would suggest that you opt for one-shoulder and halter dresses because these ones offer the support and coverage ideal for dancing.


Tip #3: Does it have glamorous accents?

If you want to stand out, it’s ideal for your dress to have sparkle and shine. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to opt for a dress that’s heavily beaded—pick a prom dress that offers the right amount of sparkle perfect for your style.

Trust us, you’ll look splendid as you twirl and the pictures being taken would definitely look beautiful.


Tip #4: Check what’s under the dress

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, finding the perfect prom dress is already a battle—unless you’re going to look at the dress trends for 2016, then you’ll have an idea of what to wear. Though, aside from that, the right undergarments that you’re going to choose are also equally important as well.

For backless dresses, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear nipple covers or an adhesive bra. What’s the advantage of wearing an adhesive bra? This one provides natural coverage and confidence that it’s going to last all night long. Not just that, they also offer a bit of enhancement to your bosoms and they are ideal for any breast cup size.

Using an adhesive bra is also perfect for dresses with an open back, halter, or strapless ones. However, for those who are in search of something else, then a nipple cover is another alternative that you can consider. These adhesives cover the nipple and offer a ‘’barely there’’ look.

Pay attention to the panties you’re going to wear as well because this could either make or break your overall attire. If you’re going to wear a fitted dress, make sure to wear a seamless panty. Additionally, there’s a wide range of panty options for you to consider; giving you the assurance that it matches with your desired style as well as confidence level.

Don’t forget to check the sizes as well. Choosing an undergarment too small for your size would be unpleasant because it would be showing through your dress—as you’re going to get some bulges.

Tip #5: Choosing a Style

At the prom, it’s better to opt for a conservative style instead of an over-exposed one. We’re not saying that you should be wearing turtleneck and long sleeves, but a little modesty could help.

Tip #6: High Heels or Flats?

If you belong on the shorter side then heels would be ideal in order to stand out. Aside from that, they’ll also give you the assurance that your dress won’t be trailing on the floor. Also, let’s not forget that heels are elegant and available in a wide range of style, that you’ll definitely the pair of heels perfect for your dress.

As for those who are already tall and would love to dance all throughout the night, then flats are more preferable.

When choosing your footwear, it’s important to pay attention to the benefits and disadvantages of each shoe type.


Tip #7: Pick What Looks Good on You

When shopping for a prom dress, look for one that perfectly fits your figure and don’t shop for fads. Through this, you’ll have the guarantee that you’d look better and feel a little more confident while wearing the dress. Although fads are great, know that there are certain styles that are known to be timeless and beautiful.

When you look back to your prom pictures a few years later, it’s better to feel proud with the way you look, not embarrassed because you chose a style that didn’t really look good on you at all.


Tip #8: Coordinate with Your Dress

As you choose the jewelries and shoes you’re going to wear, it’s important to base your choices on the dress—not just the color of your dress, but the style as well. For instance, a certain kind of jewelry may look good on you, but not with the color or style of your dress. That’s why you should be careful with this as well.


Tip #9: Deciding on Your Hair and Makeup

The truth is, you don’t have to hire a professional makeup artist to do your hair and makeup for prom, because you can actually do it yourself at little or no cost at all—if you already have what you need.

You can always try a natural look, and it’s the simplest yet elegant type of makeup because you don’t have to wear a lot of makeup at all—just enough to accentuate your features.

Final Word

No doubt senior high school offers a lot of once-in-a-lifetime moments that you’re going to cherish forever. It doesn’t really matter what style you’re going to choose; what is important is that you feel confident in the dress you’re going to wear. The best way to do that is to prepare for this wonderful event.


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  • Luiza Affonso
    September 9, 2016

    Great tips! The dress in the fourth picture took my breath away.

  • Laurie
    November 5, 2016

    There are a lot of online stores with great options – different styles, colors, patterns, fabrics, variety of sizes, price ranges, etc. It is a lot easier to find what you are looking for to compliment your shape and find something that you love. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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Tips on How to Look Stylish and Elegant in Your Prom Dress

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