Timeless Diamond Jewelry Trends

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A popular old saying goes that diamonds are forever and it has held for quite some time. When you get hold of a piece of a real diamond, you never want to let go. However, old sayings aside, the new trends of wearing diamond in the 21st century cannot be compared to Victorian times.

The best part is that, while trends come and go, these diamond jewelry trends will keep for a long time to come. These are some of the latest diamond trends that have hit 2019 by a storm.

Vintage Inspired Pieces

Wearing a diamond with a more in-depth story makes it more meaningful. Ancient diamond designers in the Victorian and Edwardian times come to life in modern diamonds to commemorate the ancient art.

Colored Diamonds

Some diamond enthusiasts swear by the bright white diamond, and it works for them. The trend of wearing colored diamonds gives off a bold statement and compliments different personalities. Instead of wearing gems, you can have a bright pink diamond, canary yellow diamond or choose any of the laid-back earth tone colors.

Myriad Metals

You can now wear a diamond ring embedded in various metals such as platinum or gold. The trend is most common in men’s rings Toronto who can now rock a platinum ring with a hint of a diamond. Since most of them wear minimum jewelry, they can also have an additional ring in the small finger to complement a wedding ring.

Tri-Stone Ring

Thanks to the Duchess of Sussex, having three diamond rocks on a single ring is no longer seen as excessive. The trend gives room to creativity where you can use a combination of both natural and human-made diamonds and throw in colorful gems in good measure. The result is a distinctive, stunning and surprisingly budget-friendly rings.

Fancy and Unique Shapes

The classic oval shaped cut diamonds now have siblings, and it’s all thanks to the creative jewelry designers. The trend is slowly catching up, and you’ll see fewer people in the emerald, heart, and princess shaped diamonds as they embrace the new shapes such as half-moon shaped diamonds, triangle shapes among others.

Custom and Personalized Pieces

Though this is not necessarily new, it’s still a significant trend. Having personalized jewelry gives it a unique feel of belonging than a generic piece. There are many ways that people are customizing their diamond jewelry such as diamond jewelry trends earrings, necklaces, and rings to makes them stand out. You can customize your engagement or wedding ring by adding a message on the inside of the ring.

Diamond Brooches

When a fashion statement makes a come-back, then it’ll probably last forever and never to be forgotten. Little pins laced with diamonds are now all over the place adorning people’s jackets, dresses, and hairdos. They add elegance and class to any look making them the best options for when you want to dress up with simple diamond accessories.

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Timeless Diamond Jewelry Trends

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