Three Of The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails In The USA

There are lots of different types of vacations, from weekend city breaks to spending a week in the sun – but if you fancy something a little more challenging, a hiking holiday is a great idea. There are lots of benefits to a hiking holiday; it tends to be cheaper than other options, it helps you to stay fit and it gives you a chance to enjoy nature in all of its beauty.

And nature is indeed beautiful – especially if you head to the stunning trails listed below. Here are three of the most beautiful hiking trails in the USA.

The Kalalau Trail In Hawaii

This 11 mile trail goes along the rugged Napali Coast on the Kauai Island, and it includes secret beaches, breath-taking clifftop views and lush rolling valleys. You will even encounter a vibrant tropical forest, and you can camp on the trail if you want. Guests can stay for up to 5 days, and at only $10 per person per night this is a holiday idea that won’t break the bank.

The Highline Trail In Montana

This 7.6 mile trail goes through the Glacier National Park, so you are sure to see some stunning views as you trek – but that isn’t all. You will also encounter lots of wonderful wildlife, including bighorn sleep and mountain goats. The trail is also within grizzly bear territory, so you may want to bring some bear spray with you – and it is worth noting that the National Park has a policy asking guests to stay at least 25 yards away from any wildlife, and 100 yards away from any bears. You may also want to pick up some trekking poles to make the hike easier, as this will protect your joints as you travel across the rugged landscape.

Harding Trail, Kenai Fjords National Park In Alaska

This hike is an 8 mile round-trip that will make you feel like you have stepped back into an ice age! The trek goes through snow covered forests and meadows, and it means with a breath-taking look over the the Harding Icefield, a sheet of ice that covers over 300 square miles of land. It is also worth mentioning that there are black bears in the area, so you may want to bring bear spray.

These breath-taking trails are sure to impress anyone who hikes over them. From tropical forests to giant ice sheets, there are some truly stunning hiking trails in the US!


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Three Of The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails In The USA

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