Three Most Useful Apps For The Fashion Go Getter

Plan outfits and update wardrobes in an instant with these fabulous apps!

With every introduction of new technology, we’re faced by various discussions as to whether or not technology is making us lonelier, or less human, or less patient, or making us lose touch with the world around us. With so much technology governing our every little activity, we very seldom find ourselves with actual free time, and each minute of every day is spent with one form of technology or another. Sometimes, we lose track of the little things that make us happy.

But then again, technology can also serve to bring us closer to the things we love. In the case of the fashion enthusiast, technology can help us by giving us the opportunity to do things we would otherwise not have time for in this fast-paced world. Here are the three best apps for the fashionista who’s always on the go:

1.       Whisp

One advantage brought by technology involves greater social connectivity, and many app developers have kept this in mind. As a blog on AlchemyBet, creators of Pocket Fruity, explains, “allowing these third parties access to the social graph” was how “Facebook enabled the games to become more compelling in what is a rather neat symbiosis”. Just as online gaming and gambling have benefited immensely from the connection of Facebook to their apps, so too have many developers begun integrating their products with social media. Whisp has taken things to a whole new level, creating a social media platform exclusively for the sake of sharing fashion ideas. The app connects users to a database of products from the world’s best designers, allowing them to share and comment on products right from within the app — no more swapping hyperlinks and copy-pasting URLs.

2.       Pose

Everyone has, at one point or another, struggled to find things to wear on a rainy day. Others struggle to find outfits for when the sun is shining brightly outside, and others simply struggle to put outfits together, regardless of the weather.Pose comes as the solution to all of these problems, providing outfit inspirations to suit your daily needs by making use of information from your weather app or weather in your area to determine what outfits would be best for you. There are also style inspiration choices for every event you could possibly think of, from business meetings to music festivals!

3.       Stylebook

When shopping for new items to add to your wardrobe, you might find yourself struggling to think of what to pair your new items with. After all, unless you’re redoing your whole closet, new additions to the pile should be functional with what’s already in your closet. It’s not always easy to think of all the things you’ve collected over the years, and for this. Stylebook could really come in handy. It’s a virtual closet that you can use to keep track of all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Simply snap photos of each item of clothing and categorize them based on type, and scroll through the gallery effortlessly as you shop for new clothes. You can even create new outfit sets and packing lists! For the more practical shopper, Stylebook even lets you add the price tags of your items so you can compute your cost per wear!

With the help of these apps, you can continue to build a fashionable wardrobe, even through any busy day. Do you use any other apps to help you out with your outfits?

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  • Yasmeen
    October 28, 2014

    Style book sounds great! It would really help to isolate those pieces you barely touch, a good way to rotate items!

    Yasmeen xx
    The Mirror Affects

    • MsAidyl
      October 29, 2014

      definitely! i tend to over wear certain items and isolate some. this would be perfect 🙂

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