Things to Consider When Quitting Smoking

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There’s a very famous life and business strategist called Anthony Robbins. You may already know him. He’s the tall American with a granular plan to improve every area of your life, from business and finance to fitness and wealth. He’s helped everyone from Bill Clinton and Serena Williams to Nelson Mandela and Leonardo DiCaprio. Impressive. 

Why am I telling you this? Because Big Tony starts his various self-help programs with a simple concept that escapes most people who vaguely wish their life was heading in a different direction but aren’t seeing the results they want. And the problem isn’t some magic stream of motivation – if you’re waiting for that, change will never happen. The thing you need is anger.

Until you can get angry at your situation, you will never gain the gusto required to take on the adversity that comes with going against the flow. In relation to smoking, simply wanting to quit is not the same as being angry at yourself for continuing to smoke. You need to find a reason, some deep down gut-wrenching fact that disturbs you to your core.

For example, there could be a birth in the family and you may feel the stress of knowing that smoking brings a reduced life expectancy – meaning you might not be around to dance the funky chicken at the newborn’s future wedding. Or you (or a loved one) could have a medical scare that brings perspective. Whatever the reason is, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Vaping could be the answer

Vaping is a popular choice these days (check out 88 vape’s range of vape liquids). For a start, there’s no tar involved. Nor is there any carbon monoxide to worry about. These are two of the biggest contributors to the long list of tricky and slow deaths associated with tobacco. If you’re looking to make the switch to e-cigarettes from (analogue?) cigarettes. 

You’ll also notice that e-cigs mean you still get to hold something and put something in your mouth, so the switch from – well, I can’t keep calling it analogue smoking, shall we say ‘normal cigarettes’? – normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes isn’t that big of a leap. Sort of like changing the milk in your coffee to oat milk or almond milk. There’s a difference, but only just. 

Consider your diet 

Your diet and your post-meal routine can help you to quit smoking. Let’s start with the post-meal routine because that sounds strange and you’re probably wondering what it is. 

If you normally consume your evening repast and retire to the drawing room to lounge in a smoking jacket while nosing through the local rag at stories from the town, your routine supports smoking. Instead, do the dishes. 

And as for diet, meat makes cigarettes taste better, whereas cheese and fruit give cigarettes a less tasty edge. Look it up and your meals around quitting. And good luck.

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Things to Consider When Quitting Smoking

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