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V A L S , D A R L S: Happy Valentines, ‘Gal’entines Day, ‘Pal’entines Day or whichever one you’re celebrating today 🤎 We tried to keep the Vals tradition alive by eating out and our 3 year old son literally dashed across the restaurant, nearly knocked a table over with me chasing after him as my husband watched in horror. Safe to say, I’m happy to be back home chilling and eating in tonight 😂 Y’all can enjoy. I’m doing Mamantines day in🤷🏾‍♀️😫🤣

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L A T T E: No milk, plenty sugar. Ta 🤎

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O O O: On Fridays we... tiptoe 😊🥴 #HappyFridayFolks 🧡🤎
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E A R T H A: Tuesday’s tonal hues... #AFave 
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V I N Y L: Monday blues but make it (chartreuse) green 🐛 .
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C H E V R O N  D O N: Happy new month!! The second month of the year is around the time when ACTUAL resolutions start kicking in and productive  decisions get made or broken. Stay strategic. But first, let me finish #NectInFashion on Netflix 😊😆 📸 @arewaphotograph .
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D E E T S: Beautiful chocolate details shot by @arewaphotograph 🤎🤎🤎
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The Top 5 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas You Should Know

Congratulations will soon be in order! It’s fun to have a casual relationship, it’s even more fun when you decide to take things to the next level! Proposals can be daunting, and a lot of people are never sure how to go about them. Well, you don’t need to be a magician or perform tricks. Now that you have decided that you share the rest of your life with your partner, how about we throw a few awesome proposal ideas your way?

 If you have your ring ready then you are good to go. If money is no issue, getting a diamond ring at Randor will do you no harm. Check these proposal ideas out:

  1. Write the proposal using trimming lights

Well, this is one of the perfect ideas that have been used by most men who want to show their fiancées how they have brightened their lives since they came into their lives. You can write “Will You Marry Me” in some trimming lights. You can choose her favourite colours to create the lighting.

  1. Proposing in the presence of your family or any crowd

It is a holiday and all your family members are present and wherever you go is in a jubilant mood. Why don’t you throw your proposal in the midst of it all for the love of your life? You can arrange with your family how to do music and photography when you are throwing the proposal.

  1. Hide the ring under a tree

Most of the good things usually come in small packages like a pack of chocolate on your birthday. Now it is an engagement ring wrapped in her favourite colour hankie or hanged on the tree using a ribbon. Just launch a treasure hunt. Hiding it in a Christmas tree could be a great idea.

  1. Wait for the New Year’s Eve

If you want to allow her to enjoy her Christmas day without surprises, then you can wait for the eve of the New Year celebrations. When fireworks are everywhere, get down on your knee and throw a proposal. Have a great photographer to snap both of you alongside the fireworks.

  1. What about a getaway?

Have a holiday getaway if you want to be more intimate. You don’t have to go to Seychelles where you will spend your honeymoon (wink, wink!), but it can be as simple as going to her favourite boutique hotel, resort, a tour, classic coffee shop or the beach, could lighten up her world. Spice it up by putting that diamond ring from Randor to her cute finger.

If you are planning of a proposal and thinking of buying your bluebird a diamond ring, visiting Randor will help you understand much to do with diamonds. All the best buddy!

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The Top 5 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas You Should Know

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