The rules of wearing jewelry

Nowadays, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. People are paying more and more attention on health. In the past, wearing jewelry was for the sake of good looks. Now, not only for good looks but also for choosing healthy and comfortable accessories. In fact, the healing effects of different materials are different. Let us explain the health effects of gold, silver, pearl and treasure.

Gold has the role of revitalizing the spirit, and many Chinese medicines will also add “golden” ingredients, such as Angong Niuhuang Pill, which can effectively treat symptoms such as palpitation, insomnia, and fever etc.

Gold earrings
It is said that Yuan Shikai’s migraine is a Chinese doctor called Huang Shiping who used a golden needle to help him cure twice. Because gold overwhelms the heart and liver, so acupuncture with gold needle is the most appropriate, able to calm the upward evil fire, dredge the blood of the meridian. But usually the gold needle cannot be tied to the body, so wearing gold earrings is the most suitable choice, people who are impetuous may wish to try.


Gold ring

Since the pandora rings princess ring and the skin are always in a state of friction, the blood circulation of the hand can be made, so wearing a gold ring can reduce the chance of skin infection. There is a meridian on the ring finger of the person called the Sanjiaojing, and the hormone produced by the human body is mainly transported by this meridian. When the ring finger is put on the gold ring, it can massage the meridian, thus stimulating the Sanjiaojing, so that it stays active and unblocked at all times.


Li Shizhen recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that silver has the health effects of five internal organs, peace of mind, convulsions, and evil spirits. Modern medicine believes that: silver can sterilize anti-inflammatory, detoxification and health, prolong life, long-term use, can play a role in accelerating metabolism and enhancing resistance.


Long life silver lock

There are many nightingales in the firstborn, which is usually caused by the heart or the horror. For this kind of situation, Chinese medicine recommends using a powerful stunned object to surrender, such as silver lock, silver flavor, cold, and into the heart, spleen, kidney, straight to the heart and spleen to appease, There is a calming effect.

There is a saying in the folks that after the child touches, the long-life lock is covered on the wound, and the wound can heal quickly. This is also because the silver lock is cold, and the coldness of the silver removes the heat pain of the wound. Therefore, if you wear jewelry to your baby, it is recommended to choose silver jewelry.


Silver earrings
Since ancient times, women who love beauty have liked to wear pierced ears. Anyone who pierces the pierced ears knows that if a pair of iron earrings are worn on the pierced ear, almost 100% of them will be inflamed, and wearing silver earrings will not inflammation, and the wound heals quickly.

Jade bracelet
If you often suffer from insomnia, then it is recommended to wear a jade bracelet because it can help treat insomnia. When wearing a personalized gold name bracelet, it will rub to the Shenmen point, which can treat insomnia. The Shenmen point is connected to the meridians, stimulating it to replenish the heart and nourish the heart.

When you buy jade, you must choose A-goods. Treated jade or fake jade is harmful to the body. You can easily evaluate the quality of jade by its color. Good jade is pure green, it can’t be mixed with other colors. The brighter the better, the color concentration is 70%~80%, and the color distribution needs to be uniform.


Pearl necklace
In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying of “nurturing yin”. What is yin? Pearls come from the water, naturally, there is “water gas”, according to the five elements of each other, the water can extinguish the fire, the pearls can reduce the fire, have a good moisturizing effect. Young and middle-aged women wear it especially well.

The choice of pearls is better than seawater pearls. There are four main points to remember when shopping: weight, slippery, size, and color. The gloss is deeper, more transparent, and very smooth. The bigger the pearl the better. Pearls are mutually harmonious and the gloss is uniform. This pearl james avery heart necklace has the best health benefits.


As the saying goes, people raise jade and jade raise people. In ancient times, jade was related to the virtue of man, representing morality, status, wealth, and harmony. From a medical point of view, the human body exhibits dry skin, itchy skin, poor sleep, dry tongue at night, blurred vision, etc., all due to insufficient Yin fluid. At this time, choosing wear jade will be better than gold. Jade, nourishing yin, both peace of mind and heart, as well as the role of moisturizing, especially hair.


Crystal has the effect of living serum heat and moisturizing, and it is cool in itself, so it has the effect of removing fire and clearing eyes. Those who are prone to get angry can wear crystal bracelets or hang a crystal pendant. When wearing sunglasses, try to wear crystal stones which is attractive.

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