The Importance of Wearing the Right Clothing When Practising Yoga

If you are seriously thinking about taking up yoga, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as many people derive benefits from regular yoga sessions. When practising on your yoga mat, it is essential that you wear suitable clothing. The primary concern is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, and while some people like to wear baggy garments, the vast majority wear skin-tight tops and pants.

Ease of Movement

When practising yoga, you must turn and twist your body into many different positions, and clothing made from stretch fabric such as spandex is an ideal choice as it stretches and also allows your skin to breathe. You might think that a baggy t-shirt is ideal for yoga, yet there are some poses that will leave a baggy shirt covering your face, and the majority of women wear a tank top, with or without a good sports bra (one that will contain your cleavage regardless of your position).

Yoga Leggings

Leggings have really taken over the yoga scene. It’s ideal to wear yoga pants for women from  Ladybase Love, one of the online stores offering women’s yoga clothes and apparel in Canada, as their yoga pants and leggings stretch and cling to your body and will not slip down. These high-waist leggings are made from polyester (60%) and elastane (40%), which allows your skin to breathe while doing the exercises. There are also natural waistband styles and a range of sizes from 2-12. The patterns in their yoga leggings and pants are also varied. These garments will not lose their elasticity, no matter how many times they are washed. Plus, you can choose from the extensive range of rich colours and prints. Once you have chosen the garments you like to purchase, you can proceed to checkout and pay and then your order will be dispatched to your home address.

Remove All Accessories

When practising yoga, you do not want the distraction of jewellery, so remove rings, bracelets and necklaces, and even your watch can be put in your bag until the session is over. Anything that might cause issues should be removed, leaving you free to move without the worry of accessories, just make sure you store your jewellery in a safe place.


Most people do not wear shoes or socks when practising yoga, as it feels more natural to have your feet in contact with the floor or your mat. If you are cold, you could wear long, thick socks, which will keep your feet warm, but most women wear leggings and go barefoot.


One should always remember that yoga poses can be extreme. Therefore, you should wear clothing that will stretch with you and are a good fit, otherwise, it could be quite embarrassing. This also applies to men who are practising yoga, and the other essential item that you will need is, of course, a yoga mat.

Practising yoga offers many benefits, not just physical, but also spiritual. While there are many versions of yoga, as a novice, you should either enrol in a yoga class or follow YouTube videos that take you through the poses step by step.


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The Importance of Wearing the Right Clothing When Practising Yoga

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