TBT: Where I Wanna Be by Donell Jones

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Artist: Donell Jones
Release date: 29 May 1999
Label: LaFace Records

My Throwback Thursday post of the day is this work of art by one of my all time favourite RnB artists, Donell Jones. This album really isn’t considered a throwback in my world because I literally still live, musically anyway, in this era (1999). 

Yes I do believe that minus a few exceptions, we haven’t had better music since. Of course in 1999 I was only 12 and I wasn’t spending no money on albums and all that. I picked this up from my Dad’s collection. I’ve come to realise he had some darn good taste in music back then!

This album probably wasn’t made for a pre-teen like me but I was feeling every lyric, every sound and every beat!

It was hit after hit after HIT for me. It was my introduction to Donell Jones and I was sold from the intro.

The very first song on the album had one of the best collabs of all time. Donell Jones and Left Eye (RIP) giving it everything. I still remember the rap to this day.

Favourite tracks: OOOOH this is tough one. 

  • This Luv
  • All Her Love
  • Shorty
  • U Know What’s Up
  • It’s Alright
  • Have You Seen Her
  • Where I Wanna Be

I just realised that my list is straight up the first 7 tracks. Hahaha. I can’t help it though.

If you had still have this album on repeat, PUT YO HANDS IN THE AIR AND GIVE ME A FIST PUMP. 


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TBT: Where I Wanna Be by Donell Jones

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