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Camer Profile: Liinx

camer music artist liinx aka Tabot Perpcy

Liinx is one of the underground ol’ Gs from the old school Cameroonian hip-hop industry. Being an adept and strong believer of realness and deep lyrical content, Liinx is an artist who without sugar-coating, always emphasizes on the importance of showcasing the critical social values of Cameroon and mama Africa in general. ABY had an intersting chat with Liinx following the release of his latest single Ashia. Here’s what ensued…

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Cameroonian Travel Blogger Eposi Litumbe Launches Vlog Miniseries ‘Janu With Eposi’ (Must Watch!)

By Posted on 12 1.1K

Cameroonian travel enthusiast Eposi Litumbe launches new video blog comprised of 6 minute long videos ¬†documenting her travels and adventures. Her first stop was Monaco. Which is officially one of my favourite places after my last holiday ūüėČ

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Camer Spotlight: Krystn Enem Presents Brand New Talk Show ‘The Krystn Enem Show’

Move aside Mo! There’s a new talk show host in town.¬†

Krystn Enem is leading lady of new talk show, The Krystn Enem Show, which celebrates promotes and encourages young African talents and entrepreneurs. The show gives unsung heroes a platform to showcase themselves to the world.

 Young rising talented people from various spheres of life will allow us to have a look into their lives by telling us how they started their businesses, what pushes them to stay focused, the stories behind their hard work and their goals and aspirations.

Soon to hit major television platforms. Subscribe to the Krystn Enem Show on YouTube to catch up on all the fun interviews and guest appearances! 

krystn enem talk show

Find #THEKRYSTNENEMSHOW on Instagram for more.

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OOTD: Colour Me Yellow

Hiya fashion lovers, been putting off my blog posts for a while now. Way too many things going on. It’s been a busy few last weeks and I feel exhausted. Check my Instagram for more regular updates when I’m too lay to post:(( ¬†@msaidyl1.¬† But I’ve been so wanting to put up this OOTD that I just can’t wait any longer. Coloured suits have been trending like crazy lately. I love bright colours especially yellow so my look is inspired by Solange Knowles and Leigh Lezark who all effortlessly rocked the yellow suit.

*One thing you have to remember when going shopping for a coloured suit is you absolutely should not expect to find a pre-matched pair sitting in the shop and waiting for you. be more open-minded. Buy separates and match them. This option is usually cheaper as it …

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Beauty: Plummed-Up Lips

There is no question that when it comes to putting outfits together, women of colour are embracing colour. I mean serious colour. I am living proof. But the question remains that when it comes to their makeup, are women of colour or dark-skinned women that experimental?¬†Yes it is true that dark-skinned women love to stick to the basic red, glossy or pink lip colours. ¬†The bolder bunch would experiment with ‘loud’ ‘garish’ or ‘shouty’ tones. But are any many going out of their comfort zones to try new shades?

I’d say, to certain degree, yes. Social media has become very influential in the past few years. Many girls nowadays, use these outlets (Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, Lookbook, YouTube etc) as a source of inspiration or even consultation if ¬†can call it that and because of this are becoming quite more confident with trying out new trends …

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