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How to display great fashion sense when travelling

Gigi Hadid and Yolanda Foster Out in NYC

Summer is here and a good percentage of us are planning a well-deserved getaway to somewhere nice and hot. Comfort is key whilst travelling but as fashionistas we always want to find the right balance between comfort with sacrificing our fashion flairs.

How to maintain a great sense of fashion whilst travelling? Read on to find out!

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OOTD: Bubblegum

By Posted on 14 1.7K

bubblegum ribbed tank dress

Took these pictures over a month ago and forgot about them. Was scrolling through my archives when I spotted these and went hold up…HOLLUP! How bendy was I on that day? Like, I couldn’t stand straight in a single picture. This is what you have to resort to when even the squat challenge is not your friend. Hahaha.

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OOTD: Ma’NOT SO’ Blahnik

By Posted on 27 1.2K

denim skirt 2

Ola!! I am off work at the moment and but the amount of errands I have to run is insane! My blog is suffering from my mad new schedule. Coupled with that and the fact that my birthday just passed on Wednesday 6th May, I have been losing the will to will to write. Or even log on to WordPress because I am dreading to see what my stats have dropped to. Arrrgh! #GODSAVEMYSTATS

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OOTD: Fringe Suede (Blogger Style Collaboration)

By Posted on 16 1.2K

fringe suede 10

Hey blogger buds! Happy month of May! My birthday month is here 😉 #May6…Hehehehehe

Today’s outfit post is a Blogger Style Collaboration. A few weeks ago a few bloggers and myself got involved in a style challenge. I wanted to see how each person interpreted different trends. For this post, we showcased the FRINGE trend. I am a fan of fringe but I can’t remember the last time I wore anything with a fringe!

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OOTD: Ripped & Ribbed

By Posted on 43 2.2K

ribbed skirt 2

Okay, my midsection is in no way ripped but I liked the rhyme of that. 

As I said earlier, we never go scouting for new locations to shoot in because… go figure.  My hubby felt bad about that post and decided to put in an effort with my photographs. Hahaha. We went for a short walk around the flat and 7 minutes later stumbled upon this park. Perfect. I so ready to pose for my one and only beloved paparazzi when it literally began to rain on my parade. Oh sugar! 

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OOTD: Caramel On Top

chocolate 11

Another Friday, another outfit! Lately I’ve been stacking a lot of clothing items in this gorgeous camel colour. From jumpers, to coats, to turtlenecks. They are just perfect for when you’re running out of time and you just need to throw something on that will blend with anything else. This colour will be the theme of many outfits to come, lol.

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