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Style Diary: Mariel W .

By Posted on 5 1.2K

Style Diary brings you the best style muses in the blogosphere. We went to the Philippines once and read Stephanie’s Style Diary. It was so good that we had to just go back once more! What can I say? Filipinos know their Style 101:)  Today we’ll be meeting feisty chic Mariel W whom you probably best know as The Wicked Ying. Let’s get cracking.
Tell us a little about yourself…I’m Mariel W. better known as Wicked Ying in the cyberspace. I’m a 20 something small town girl from the southern part of the Philippines.  I have a day job which is mainly based online. That being said, I have grown to enjoy “blogging” as a past time or merely a break from an all-day work. I recently finished my 365 looks challenge wherein I post outfits on a daily basis. I was able to surpass a …

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Style Diary: Ioana C

By Posted on 1 1.1K

How are my fashionistas faring? Ready for the new Style Diary? You had better be, ’cause today’s style muse is a super bombshell who goes by the name of Ioana C. She will definitely blow you away.So what are we waiting for? Let’s get blown!
Meet her…My name is Ioana Carmen, I’m from Romania and I`m 25 years old. I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girls and last but not least, I`m  WOMAN. I love fashion! I love to spend hours searching for the perfect skirt go with a pair of fabulous shoes. It is my way to relax, to dream… I think I can say that fashion makes me happy.

To describe my style I would say,  I dress according to how I’m feeling on any particular day, but my look always has a very feminine flair to it. I love so many …

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Style Diary: Zahra D

By Posted on 3 1.1K

Our Style Diary guest today describes her personality as ‘short n chiq.’ Well, I’ll add fierce ‘n’ feisty to that. Let’s see if you agree.
Meet Zahra…My name is Zahra Davis and I’m 24. I recently moved to LA from MD to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and now I’m currently a visual merchandiser for American Apparel. I’m an extreme Virgo. I have a creative mind and love relishing in anything fashion.

What would you say best describes your dressing style? My style reflects my mood and my personality. I like to try different silhouettes, colors, and overall styles, but I always put my own flare or touch to it. I like to show off my curves but not in an overt way. I love high fashion and couture, but Im more inspired by street style because its more tangible. Style …

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Style Diary: Tamara G

By Posted on 0 778

For some stylists, less is more just doesn’t cut it. For the most daring and the bigger fashion risk takers out there, More is just…MORE!
So meet Tamara G, our Style Diary guest today who puts the sexy in quirky and the risk factor into fashion.
Meet her…I’m Tamara Gonzalez Perea. 22 years old and an  Interior Design student from Szczecin, Poland.

What is your dressing style? My style is eclectic, I love mixing different styles together and I personally think that fashion has no boundaries.It’s definitely colorful and feminine.

We can definitely see that! Which shops do you visit the most? My favourite brands are, River Island, Top Shop and Mango.

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Style Diary: Tomilola E

Style comes in different shapes and sizes. Today’s Style Diary is Tomilola, one of the sweetest people I’ve ever come across (in the blogosphere!) I love her blog. Not only is Tomi honest and sweet but she is also well-styled by (who else, duh!) herself.
Read her Style Diary and find out what inspires her looks and personality.
Meet Tomi…Hey there. My name is Tomilola Escada. I am a Nigerian girl living in the UK. I’m currently studying LLB Law (boring, I know). I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and a self-proclaimed bargain shop-a-holic!!



What is your dressing style? Hmm. My style is basically an enigma. I seriously can’t put a name on it, but I love playing with colours and prints. Any and everything influences my style choices. I refused to be limited. The streets, ideas, where I …

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Style Diary: Stephanie D

By Posted on 9 1.4K

Style Diary rocks because it shows showcases unique individuals. And what’s even better? You get to discover people and styles from all around the world. This is to show there is no limit to fashion and style is endless. With the memories of an Easter celebration still lurking fresh in our minds, I thought I’d give my dear readers a late Easter present. So in the spirit of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, I present to you today’s Style Diary Stephanie D. But mind you, Stephanie is no bunny. She puts the fierce in fashion and the pizzazz in personality. Stephanie keeps it classy while still rocking that rock chic glam. But enough of my saleswoman pitch. Why don’t you see for yourself and then leave your feedback on what you think.
Meet her…Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie. Small town girl from the Philippines. I blog about fashion, …

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Style Diary: Stella

By Posted on 5 1.2K

I love these style diaries because each character is so unique and different from the last. Yet still stylish in every sense of the word. Today’s style diary is Stella. Stella definitely knows how to keep things very elegant and classy while still looking very expensive and sexy I must add. In other words, she’s got style for days. Read on for yourselves.

First off, who is Stella? My name is Stella and I am originally from Nigeria and reside in Maryland. I am a fashion blogger and aspiring stylist. I am currently working on my Masters in Business and Finance. I love fashion, styling, and shoes. I also love traveling, reading and soccer.

Your style is very on point. How would you describe it? My style is always evolving, but generally, I will say my style is edgy, classy, and fun. I …

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Style Diary: Emmanuella K

Spring is here which means lots of colour, youth and fun-fresh style. Which is why Style Diary is proud to take a peek into the colourful life of our very own Emmanuella K.

So who is she?  I’m Emmanuella a 18 year old girl from and living in West Africa. I’m studying Business management in an *English* school in my country (Cote d’Ivoire). Apart from school I found myself enjoying blogging and discovering new things all around the world. I like spending time with my loved ones (family, boyfriend etc), reading, watching movies, listenning to good music and doing crazy things with my baby sister and my boyfriend.

 What is your dressing style?  My style is influenced by almost everything. I’m a real geek, I spend much time on my computer checking out blogs, fashion show and other stuff showing off …

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Style Diary: Amah Bertrand

By Posted on 3 1K

Style Diary brings you the the best of  both worlds. That is why today we’ll be peeking into the fashionable world of Amah Bertrand aka ‘LeBlondenoir.’ After all, it’s a man’s world. Isn’t it? Winks *

Introductions please. I am Amah Bertrand from Bamenda,Cameroon.I`m a Nigerian who has a very strong connection to my country of birth Cameroon.I`m a student and a business man. I love fashion.I Love every thing fashion! Fashion is my life, and I am very realistic in terms of what I wear and why I’m wearing it. I’m in my early twenties, full of life and fun.I love traveling,listening to music,reading my Bible,hanging out with friends and always seeking for wisdom and inspirations  [:)]

 What influences your style choices? I get inspired by a lot of things I see around me. …

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Style Diary: Nancy Seino

By Posted on 5 1.2K

Happy weekend people! Thanks for stopping by Style Diary. Today we’ll be checking out Nancy, a budding designer from Cameroon.
Let’s read what style secrets her diary holds for us.
Who is Nancy?  Who am I? thats interesting.In a nutshell, I am a fun-loving person, but also quiet. I hail from the N.W.R (North West Region)  i.e Bamenda but currently live in Yaounde.Im into designing actually, just starting out. For hobbies I love watching movies,listening to music,reading novels and oh acting [actually dreamed of being an actress since i was like 11].
How would you describe your style and what influences it? Well I could describe my style as edgy and out of the box cuz thats what I go for anytime I dress. My style choices are strongly influenced by Rihanna, by the way i love her. I also have ethnic influences like ankara designs (what …

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