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Style Diary: Olivia T of Olivia Gold

I’m having a moment this week. But what always puts me in a good mood is this Style Diary segment. Thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to express interest and others who have responded to my bugging emails; I have garnered a handful of diverse stylistas to keep your Thursdays spicy here on ABY. So stay tuned! For a chance to be featured, email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com. Today’s fashion killer is none other than the sizzling London-based Olivia of Olivia Gold. I stumbled upon Tumblr over a year ago and she was sooo good, I just had to get her to spare a few moments for ABY! Here’s what she had to divulge:

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Style Diary: Isabel S of Un-Likely

By Posted on 10 1.9K

Style Diary is a weekly feature on ABY which offers different bloggers from different walks of life and serves to introduce us to new bloggers and new style inspirations 😉 Interested in a feature? Please email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com for details. Today’s Style Diary is the very sexy Spaniard Isabel who is repping for London! Offering its easy and effortless style with no care in the world. This is what she had to divulge me in: 

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Style Diary – Priscilla A of Prissy Savvy

It’s Friday and celebrating my kick-off into the weekend with a Style Diary of the very elegant and beautiful Priscilla of Prissy Savvy. The Style Diary segment throws more light on the fashion & style dos and don’ts of fashion bloggers on the scene. It’s also a way to introduce your blog to new audiences. If you’d love to be featured on Style Diary, please email artbecomesyou@yahoo.com for details! 

But first, let’s get to know Prissy:

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Style Diary: Paola Mathe

Today’s Style Diary is QUEEN and I can’t get enoughg of her portraits. Check out Paola Mathe’s diary:

ABY: Give us a little bio stats

My name is Paola. I’m originally from Haiti. I used to be an executive in hospitality management. I have opened, managed, and operated hotels and restaurants in NYC, but recently, I decided to quit my day job to only focus on the creative side of me. My hobbies include hiking, hula hooping, reading, blogging, traveling, hosting fun/lavish gatherings, and always learning new things. I am now the creative director/owner of Fanm Djanm, a headwrap line  and movement to empower and inspire women around the world. The line is about dreamers and doers. Fanm Djanm means strong woman in my Kreyol language, and that’s what the brand advocates. It’s a celebration of strong women everywhere.

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Style Diary: Ms Fawwie

By Posted on 5 2.7K

Hey ABYers, I’m finally back from my holidays/honeymoon 🙁 As sad as I am to have left the blissful haven that is Spain, I couldn’t wait to restore life to my blog. Helping me do that today is the ever hot Miss Fauzia or as we all know her on Instagram, Ms_Fawwie. With over 25K followers on Instagram, I just had to tap Miss Fawwie for my Style Diary slot. She is very sweet and obliged. We had  a lovely chat on Whatsapp a couple week ago and here’s what the bombshell had to say about her slamming style.

Hi there doll! Tell us a little bit more about yourself…

My name is Fauzia Abdulkadir. I’m a Kenyan Somali. I’m a Somatologist by profession which means I’m into health and skin care.


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Style Diary: Naja D

By Posted on 7 1.7K

All the Met Gala drama is simmering down, my bday is come and gone, it’s not Friday yet…but don’t fret, there’s still a lot to look forward to! Let’s pick up where we left off with a hot Style Diary from the beautiful Naja Diamond. I’ve been a fan of her work and was so elated when she was down for an ABY collaboration. Let’s get into Naja’s style dos and donts.

ABY: Hi there! Tell us about yourself.

Hi I’m Naja Diamond, a Jersey girl living in the DMV area. I work in the IT field as an Application Developer by day and fashion/beauty blogger by night. I’m a lover of fashion, makeup, family and friends, a major foodie, wannabe wine connoisseur, proud doggie mommy and zombie lover. An interesting fact about me is I’m prior Active Duty …

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Style Diary: Louisa M


I’ve been on a blog hiatus, but that didn’t all go to waste! I’ve spent time putting together a lot of hot collabos and new fun posts for you all. Stay tuned for them please.

To enter this weekend with style, let’s take a look at the fabulous Louisa of La Passion Voutee‘s Style Diary:

ABY: A little intro…

 My name is Louisa Moje, a shortened version of my last name that I use on my blog. I was born and raised in Nigeria and spent most of my teenage years in Edo state where I attended an all-girls catholic school.Being the last of 7 girls and having a twin sister who was crazy about fashion, I quickly picked up an interest in fashion. My blog focuses …

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Style Diary: Leslie E

*Are you fabulously fashionable? Send over your pictures to artbecomesyou@yahoo.com to be featured on Style Diary!

Starting off this week is a strong Style Diary from the pretty haute and  polished fashionista Leslie Eugene. Here’s what she had to dish on her style: 

A little bio stats: My name is Leslie Eugene. Born and raised in Miami, FL. Currently reside in Delaware. Fashion Blogger for URPrettyHaute.com. Inspired by effortless fashion, obsessed with YouTube Makeup Tutorials and motivated by living a healthy lifestyle.

pretty haute nyfw
pretty haute
 denim boiler suit pretty haute blogger
pretty haute jumpsuit blogger

ABY: What are your dressing styles?  What influences your style choices? I’m inspired by Stockholm Street Fashion …

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