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Style Diary: Emmanuella K

Spring is here which means lots of colour, youth and fun-fresh style. Which is why Style Diary is proud to take a peek into the colourful life of our very own Emmanuella K.

So who is she?  I’m Emmanuella a 18 year old girl from and living in West Africa. I’m studying Business management in an *English* school in my country (Cote d’Ivoire). Apart from school I found myself enjoying blogging and discovering new things all around the world. I like spending time with my loved ones (family, boyfriend etc), reading, watching movies, listenning to good music and doing crazy things with my baby sister and my boyfriend.

 What is your dressing style?  My style is influenced by almost everything. I’m a real geek, I spend much time on my computer checking out blogs, fashion show and other stuff showing off …

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Sailor Hats Trend: Cut or Copy?

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Christian Dior Spring Collection 2011
Perhaps the Christian Dior summer collection which featured a lot of sailor hats has inspired celebrities to show their hidden sailor personalities. This summer many celebs have been spotted sporting a sailor hat. The question that comes to mind whenever I see one of these hats is, is that a look I want to copy. Personally, I do not think I will be getting one for myself but then again my fancy could be your utter dislike. What do you think? Will you be copying this look or cutting it off completely?
Keri Hilson definitely loves this sailor hat look.
Keri Hilson
Lady Gaga, as usual will rock any trend fearless.
Paris Hilton coordinates her outfit with a hat.
Crystal …

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