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Why Jade Rollers Are Best Used With Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks came with the Korean beauty invasion. Everyone is obsessed with their revolutionary beauty products. From sleek K-pop music videos to novel romantic comedies, Korean pop culture changed the landscape of popular culture. While some are not sold on the trendy fashion and music, one thing everyone can agree on is how dewy, glassy and pore-free Korean skin is! It’s like they grew up without outgrowing the skin they had when they were babies. While many of us tried, we just can’t cope with their 10-step skincare routines. To this day, it’s hard to understand how they have what looks like very runny moisturizer and yet they call it a toner lotion. Or how they can have an emulsion, which differs from the serum and moisturizer. But they did gift us with one low maintenance skin care item that goes well with the best jade …

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