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Weekend Recap & Birthday Tinz

It’s official. My time-management skills need some major improvement. Jillian (NuSophisticate), Stella (J’Adore Fashion) and all these other fabulous bloggers how do you stay blogging?? I pray thee, spill!

It’s almost impossible to find time to even ‘Approve’ comments after a long day at work, not to talk of composing a whole post. Should I create a rota? Should I cut on sleep hours (hmmmm, and let me just tell ya now, me and my sleep are inseparable). Should I get an intern? (Don’t think I’ve reached that crossroad yet). Should I stop watching Scandal, Revenge, Project Runway, Suburgatory, The Voice, Modern Family, Borat over and over….Oh Lord Jesus it’s a fire!

Your tips would be priceless.

Anyhoo. I’ve decided to only have half a panini bread and a southern fried chicken on chilli sauce …

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Trending Now: The Scarf Print

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It is hard not to notice the new stunning prints that are taking over the high streets. Yes, many fashionistas are giving the colour-block craze some time off and welcoming with wide open arms the new scarf print. The scarf print is basically the conventional scarf design being used on a wider variety of clothing items and outerwear. Big names in fashion such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel have introduced outstanding pieces in the collection that showcase the versatility of this scarf print design.

Celebs such as Beyonce, Jessie J and Rihanna have been spotted out and about rocking the print. I sometimes wonder if this print is trending because it is actually a very stylish trend or just because celebs are wearing it. What do you think?
Cassie in Versace
Beyonce in Versace
Rihanna …

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