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5 Tricky Ways To Make Designer Clothing More Affordable


If you can’t live without designer made clothing, but you also struggle with your finances – no need to worry or stress. Some cool and super easy tricks will help you afford any clothing with a super famous brand name a lot cheaper! Intrigued? Let’s get to those tricks right away and let’s learn that super stylish and high-quality clothing don’t have to be expensive at all!

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Spring Trends For 2015

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Like every season, with Spring just around the corner we have to consider which fashion trends are going to take over this year. So far, it looks like a romantic, breezy air is going to take over wardrobes this Spring of 2015. A fresh set of prints, androgynous influences, and luxurious fabrics, will all be present and visible on runways, as well as at local shopping centres this year.

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Christina Milian In Michael Costello Red Lace Dress – 2014 Runway Wonderland Children’s Benefit in Los Angeles

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Michael Costello is killing it this year I swear! I knew I wasn’t #TeamCostello on Project Runway for nothing. He’s good. Christina Milian repped the designer at the 2014 Runway Wonderland Children’s Benefit in Los Angeles in a sexy red lace gown with a plunging neckline.

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Hot or Meh:Rihanna’s Blush Pink Dior Skater Dress And Diorific Necklace At The Dior Cruise Runway Show in Brooklyn

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Rihanna was all ‘Diored’ up at the Dior Cruise fashion show in Brooklyn.The 26 year old looked ladylike in the soft dust pink cute silky ruffle dress by Dior. To complete her look, she added a fun pair of tri-colour curve heel pumps by Dior which feature an asymmetrical strap; a Lady Dior printed bag, a £1,700 ‘Diorific’ necklace and several other accessories by Dior. Love this look! You can all you want about Riri but you can’t say her face isn’t ALWAYS beat to the high heavens! Pretty in pink indeed. The hand tat looks a little garish but she’s gorge. 

The dress is part of the A/W 2014 Ready To Wear Dior collection. A cream version of the dress was modelled on the runway.

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OOTD: All Black Errthang

As colourful as I might seem, I do love me some neutrals and black is defo one of my favourite colours. I mean come on, who doesn’t love black? First off, do you know that black goes well on EVERYBODY? Now, that’s what I call unbiased. 

We all know a few things about black, like the fact that it is slimming and everyone needs a little black dress in their closet.

But do you know that black is the most fashionable colour? Scratch that. Black IS fashion. Ever heard of the snowclone phrase, X (insert any colour) is the new black? The colloquialism “X is the new black” is a reference to the latest trend or fad that is considered a wardrobe basic for the duration of the trend, on the basis that black is always fashionable.

Think Chanel …

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