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Rihanna x Brazil (World Cup Candids)

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No one can keep up with Rihanna. Which is why she hasn’t got her own reality show. We all know she’s a wild thing and she’s always were the hotties are. She definitely had fun in Brazil during the Fifa 2014 World Cup Tournament. While there’s still argument as to whether Rihanna breached FIFA regulations by touching the golden trophy, let’s settle into her celebratory fits. Here are some of her top moments from Rio.

This lucky gal partied with the Germans and laid hands on the coveted trophy. The Bajan singer was spotted in the stands  in a £145 Trapstar Evoliution Printed Tee. Hot red lips, black leather bralet and baggy bottoms completed her boyish ensemble. 

To party, she donned a black tee, bowler hat and her favourite new accessory: a septum ring. Do you love?

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Top 12 Most Stylish Footballers

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Hey there beautiful ABYers! Have you been taking with this #WorldCup2014 as I have? Despite some major disappointment, I’ve been able to get back up, dust myself and cheer away! Unfortunately the tournament is drawing to a close with only one game left between Germany & Argentina which will decide who will be crowned the kings of football this year. I can’t wait!

But while we wait for Sunday’s finals why don’t we ogle at all the muscled wonderment that are football players and appreciate their amazing sense of style. Well apart from wash-board six-packed abs and totally toned toned legs; some of these footballers actually do possess some great style. This list details my Top 12 Best Dressed, Stylish & Most Fashionable Crazy Footballers.


1.David Beckham – England

I know its an obvious decision but …

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