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ABY Lust Item Of The Day: Topshop Premium Full Feather Skirt

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If you ever scrolled through my sidebar, you’d have noticed I had a ‘Currently Lusting’ carousel slider which consisted of items I had on my must have list. Well, I’m turning that feature into a whole new segment!

If you love my Lust Items, as much as I do, you too can purchase them. This segment will feature different items ranging from shoes, bags, accessories, clothes and so much more!

First up is this gorgeous Premium Blush Pink Feather Skirt by Topshop. It was £80 before but it’s now £30. What a steal for such a flaming item. 

The skirt is pink, it’s mini and feathery – which is everything I love about a fun skirt.


It’s made of Ostrich and Turkey feathers and is a premium item. …

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Who Wore it Better: Nicole Scherzinger and Rebecca Ferguson rock the Alexander McQueen Dress.

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The Alexander McQueen Roses chenille jacquard dress which goes for a good £1,820 on Matchesfashion.com is quite the star favourite. This week alone both Nicole Scherzinger and Rebecca Ferguson have been spotted in it. There’s no question they can each afford to dole out on a dress like that. The huge question though is, who wears it better? 
Both ladies coordinated right down to the shoes! Only difference for me is Nicole Scherzinger added a little bit more sass with the jewellery and hair styling. But who does it for you?

Alexander McQueen Roses chenille jacquard dress, £1,820


Rebecca Ferguson on the other hand had a simpler vision.


As similar as the complete looks seem, whose fit do you prefer?

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