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Style Diary: Amah Bertrand

By Posted on 3 1K

Style Diary brings you the the best of  both worlds. That is why today we’ll be peeking into the fashionable world of Amah Bertrand aka ‘LeBlondenoir.’ After all, it’s a man’s world. Isn’t it? Winks *

Introductions please. I am Amah Bertrand from Bamenda,Cameroon.I`m a Nigerian who has a very strong connection to my country of birth Cameroon.I`m a student and a business man. I love fashion.I Love every thing fashion! Fashion is my life, and I am very realistic in terms of what I wear and why I’m wearing it. I’m in my early twenties, full of life and fun.I love traveling,listening to music,reading my Bible,hanging out with friends and always seeking for wisdom and inspirations  [:)]

 What influences your style choices? I get inspired by a lot of things I see around me. …

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