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OOTD: Animal Instinct

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So I have been putting off and postponing Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) posts for months now. What have been my reasons?
*I am not ready yet. I am still waiting for those pink Casadei pumps to go on sale. My outfit posts CANNOT start without them.
*I do not have a photographer. Who will be bothered to sit out and wait for me (a fussy dresser) while I decide what colour to paint my nails.
*What is a shoot without a location? I simply have to have a world wonder in the background of each single shot.
*England has the worst weather ever.
In fact if I exhaust the whole list of reasons, I’ll end up writing a completely different post than I’d originally intended. Best to crack on.
Reality check: You do not need a photographer to do an OOTD post. A tripod and self-timed camera will do just …

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Black & Pink Sunday


Cold Sunday day. Two friends back home  from a cool Christmas feast. What to do with the rest of your day when you’ve got a camera, lights and pink shoes? Have a sneak peek into my Black & Pink Sunday.
Pictures by Miss Cindy Bessem.
Heart my Vans
What could feel more Rock n Roll? Hehe

Wellie mode.

Pink Sneakers by Vans
Fluorescent Pink Wellies by Miss Selfridge.
Thanks for stopping by. Need any shopping advice? Ask away!
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Kiss 🙂


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