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Top 50 Bloggers’ Choice: #2 – The Leather Bag

Everyone needs one sturdy, statement, stand out bag that speaks for itself in their closet. Even though bigger totes appeal to me more, a reasonably mini-sized tote will do just fine. Getting a really good quality statement leather bag is admittedly very pricey but here a few reasons why you will not regret your purchase:

-A good buy will go a long way. If it is original leather, it will last you for years. So choose the right one in a colour that you’re sure you won’t tire of in the near future. 

-Leather bags are an investment piece. Even if you do get tired of your one or you’re the kind of person who loves to update their closet every month, you can always resell them for a good bargain and replace them …

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OOTD: Sassy in a Skirt

By Posted on 7 577

And the countdown is over! Yes today the London 2012 Olympic games have been officially launched. How exciting, everyone has showed up; including the sun! I hope the weather keeps it up. I’m impressed.

My OOTD is this PU imitation leather skirt which reminds me so much of a skirt I had when I was two years old. There’s this framed picture on the wall back home of me standing amongst some shrubs in a REAL leather skirt from my Dad. It was one of the things he got me from his trip to Paris. My Mom tells me it was my favourite skirt. I clung to it and wanted to wear to every single party. The most amazing thing is she kept that skirt! Yes, I still have it up till date. My daughter shall wear  it and show off some cute baby gams in it.

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