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ABY Discussion: How Long Should You Date A Guy Before Expecting A Proposal?

I was reading this article yesterday on Bella Naija about Toke Makinwa and her beau Maje Ayida and the PDA in Lagos. The article mentioned the pair have been dating for 11 years. What I found even more intriguing were the comments that ensued:

‘Dating for 11years????????? Key holder things, she wants him by all means for her to hangon, Maje please wife her now, you have been getting free milk for 11years, dont you want the cow?…[sic]’

‘Walahi she tried. Dating a guy for 11year? That’s equivalent as getting married now! And still now, no child(ren), cos the guy would hv stopped using condom now. Not even an engagement ring on that finger? She tried oo. So the guy has been enjoying free food for the past 11yrs??? Like seriously? It still baffles me though. No hard feelings …

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