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Cameroonian Designer Audrey Unveils new Lookbook ‘Essence’ for Uzuri Couture

November 7, 2014
It’s TGIF my stunners! Because I like to open my weekends with a bang I’m bringing you Uzuri Couture. Uzuri Couture is an African

Style Diary: Cyrena M

October 30, 2012
Today’s Style. Β read is the perfect fit for Halloween: dark, edgy and intriguing. Her effortless swag is like no other. Meet … Cyrena Monique.

Style Diary: Klerlie R

October 14, 2012
I have been off blogging for weeks now but Style Diary is back to put everything ack on track. Today’s fashionista hails from Haiti.

Style Diary: Abi O

October 3, 2012
Today’s Style Diary is the very edgy Abi Ogun. I’ll let her do the talking. My name is Abimbola, originally from Nigeria but currently

Style Diary: Nia G

September 24, 2012
My blog has been suffering from a serious unplanned hiatus. i apologize to all my readers. the only gift I can remunerate myself with

Style Diary: Shakira A

September 13, 2012
Style Diary opens this week with a fierce modelesque fashionista all the way from Cali. Here’s what she has to say about her style.

Style Diary: Valerie B

September 4, 2012
Having a slow start? Don’t fret. Our style diary is here to provide you with the most diverse and interesting styles around the blogosphere.

Style Diary: Ariel B

August 27, 2012
Today’s style inspiration is my girl Ariel of Fashion Devotee. She knows her stuff. I am an ardent fan of her looks on Lookbook.

Style Diary: Gloria O

August 16, 2012
I have been dying to put up this diary but I had to save it for Friday. Gloria is good and knows her stuff

Style Diary: Eteclea E

August 13, 2012
This week is going to be a busy Style Diary week! yes, I’ve been archiving the most interesting stats and facts from some of