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Battling Hair Loss The Smart Way!

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While hair loss is a natural part of aging, it can be because of many different reasons and vary in severity. Sometimes unraveling dreads can contribute to hair loss, as can stress and bad choices in product for your hair. No matter what the reason is, or if you’re suffering a lot or a little, you can take some preventative steps to keep your hair safely on your beautiful head and continue to maintain a healthy, shiny head of hair! Following these x tips can lead you on the right track and help you stay there.
1. Use the right shampoo for you. Everyone has different hair with different specific needs. Finding the right shampoo for your hair, especially if you suffer from hair loss, is the best way to keep it nourished and healthy, without drying out your hair. Cleansing and moisturizing shampoos and …

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Rescue That Hairline!

Are you missing those days when you had baby hairs for days? When you weren’t worried about having your hair in a bun because because your hairline line was in tact and every hair was in place? Wondering what happened to all that healthy hairline of your? If you are are, know first of all that you are not alone and secondly this post is for you. Some months ago, the beautiful supermodel Naomi Campbell was on the set of a photo shoot when an unfortunate draft of wind blew her long silky weave over her shoulder and revealed a quite shocking hairline. As usual, paparazzi were ready and capture this drastic photo of Miss Naomi looking near bald.
Naomi Campbell
The question is what causes this? Alopecia or years of ¬†wearing weaves, tight braids, over processing hair, using glue or colour? Alopecia areata is a medical condition …

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