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OOTD: Wearing My Heart On My Bosom

I usually say TGIF and don’t really mean it but this time I really really mean it; Thank God It’s Friday! This week has felt extremely long for me. Maybe it’s because it’s the last week of the month and I’m eager to move on to a new and fresh month with lots of opportunities. Or most likely it could be that I’ve not been able to get on with all my blogging, editing and uploading as planned because my laptop has refused to cooperate. In fact the whole episode just gives me malaria plus. Why now? My whole life is bloody documented on that thing.  KMT. 

I’ll have to keep this post short and void of any of my anecdotes as I am using a kind friend’s lappy. My outfit of the day is a casual chic look. I got this casual top from H&M like 3 …

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OOTD: Shades of Mint

By Posted on 7 1.1K

The bad good thing about launching one OOTD is that it gets you on a roll. I am currently on an OOTD high. I literally dream about putting outfits together these days. The other day I saw myself casually tossing a Birkin bag around while I sprinted on the grass as the photographer tried to capture the beautiful moment where my flowy Stella McCartney skirt and wavy hair were in symmetry. Of course in this vision I didn’t need heels because my olive-coloured legs went on for days… My beeping phone, right on cue woke me out of this reverie. Shaking my head I stepped out of my bed and…OUCH!!!!! I had stepped on a pin which I had left lying about from my ‘Pimp My Bag,’ session the night before. And just like that in one pin prick, my Birkin/McCartney bubble was burst. Thank you very much, old and ungrateful …

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Green Glam Jewelry (via Chicquero)

This is what ART is about. Love it!

Green Glam Jewelry Sarah Hood, jewelry maker from Seattle, WA Her work consists of several unique jewelry pieces, ranging from very wearable limited edition. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind sculptural art jewelry. I love the elegant  feeling, explored in her natural world, both its forms and its materials. Shed has many incredible pieces, they are all unexpected in a good way. Take a look at her blog, creative stuff. Green all the way.. Check It out: http://sarahhoodje … Read More

via Chicquero

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