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Style Diary: Ekei Mbu

Today’s style inspiration is miss Ekei Mbu from Yaounde, Cameroon. She describes her styles as ‘cool, edgy and classy.’
Read her style diary.
Who is Ekei? I am Ekei Mbu from Yaounde, Cameroon.  I like making everyone around me look fab in the best way possible. I am drawn to all things fashion! Especially hair. I think a hairstyle can make or break any outfit. I have been known to style a few people myself.

i love hair accessories.
How would you describe your personality? My personality: Hmmm,  fun and bubbly, full of life, loves a crowd of interesting people and I like to stand out in any scene of life.

What is your dressing style? My dressing style is very dynamic, keeps changing all the time. In a nutshell it can be described as cool, edgy classy …

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