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OOTD: Ma’NOT SO’ Blahnik

By Posted on 27 1.3K

denim skirt 2

Ola!! I am off work at the moment and but the amount of errands I have to run is insane! My blog is suffering from my mad new schedule. Coupled with that and the fact that my birthday just passed on Wednesday 6th May, I have been losing the will to will to write. Or even log on to WordPress because I am dreading to see what my stats have dropped to. Arrrgh! #GODSAVEMYSTATS

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OOTD: Violet Dreams

By Posted on 3 1.1K

Hey beauties! Are you having an amazing month of December? I am! Getting chilly by the minute but i’m loving every minute of the countdown towards the new year. The Big 2013. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions at the start of  this year? How many them of them can you say ‘check’ to?  New years are not start overs for me. To me they are like new opportunities. To evolve. To grow. To shed an old layer. Morphing into a butterfly. So this end of year am bringing out my inner butterfly through a celebration of colours. Yes, I know. Another reason to wear to wear colour. But why the hell not? Today, I picked out this purple vintage blouse which I got from a thrift store in Birmingham (Cow Vintage). I paired it with a red pair of trousers which I got a few months ago …

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OOTD: Colour Me Yellow

Hiya fashion lovers, been putting off my blog posts for a while now. Way too many things going on. It’s been a busy few last weeks and I feel exhausted. Check my Instagram for more regular updates when I’m too lay to post:((  @msaidyl1.  But I’ve been so wanting to put up this OOTD that I just can’t wait any longer. Coloured suits have been trending like crazy lately. I love bright colours especially yellow so my look is inspired by Solange Knowles and Leigh Lezark who all effortlessly rocked the yellow suit.

*One thing you have to remember when going shopping for a coloured suit is you absolutely should not expect to find a pre-matched pair sitting in the shop and waiting for you. be more open-minded. Buy separates and match them. This option is usually cheaper as it …

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OOTD: Wearing My Heart On My Bosom

I usually say TGIF and don’t really mean it but this time I really really mean it; Thank God It’s Friday! This week has felt extremely long for me. Maybe it’s because it’s the last week of the month and I’m eager to move on to a new and fresh month with lots of opportunities. Or most likely it could be that I’ve not been able to get on with all my blogging, editing and uploading as planned because my laptop has refused to cooperate. In fact the whole episode just gives me malaria plus. Why now? My whole life is bloody documented on that thing.  KMT. 

I’ll have to keep this post short and void of any of my anecdotes as I am using a kind friend’s lappy. My outfit of the day is a casual chic look. I got this casual top from H&M like 3 …

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Top 50 Bloggers’ Choice: #1-The Ankle Strap

Twenty Twelve has been a very busy year so far with the influx of new trends. We’ve had the peplum silhouette, neon colours, ombre and asymmetrical shapes amongst a few. But I must admit that I could not help but notice everyone’s new found love for the ankle strap heel. Yes, the ankle strap has been a favourite this season and i suspect it will be for a very long time. With that extra sexiness and elegance that it adds to every outfit, I know for a fact that the ankle strap is here to stay. Most popular amongst our bloggers have been the Zara, Mango and the Céline ankle strap designs. These ankle straps are selling like hot doughnuts! But if you haven’t secured a pair for yourself yet, do not fret. This post will uncover all the best finds out there just for you.  A few bloggers rocking their …

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OOTD: Strapped For Life.

By Posted on 5 1.5K

Happy Monday fashion lovers! First off I’d like to say thanks a bunch to all the readers. You’re far too kind. I’m amazed at the feedback. Thank you very much. Every single comment or feedback in any form is appreciated by me. Thank you for giving me the drive to keep this blog alive.
How was the closing ceremony weekend for everyone? I don’t know about you, but the whole ceremony just made me feel a little homesick. I am one of those people who love it when there’s something on TV that the whole world is hyping about. I’ll just generally miss the hype. Well, now that it’s over I guess we can look forward to the Paralympics and for the more dedicated TV watchers amongst us, Celebrity Big Brother. Hahaha, can’t wait. I do love a good grind.
For my outfit of the day , I decided to take …

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OOTD: Going For Gold

By Posted on 18 1.4K

It has been a very indulging weekend for me. All I’ve done is sit back and relax and indulge in a good whole day of watching the good old Olympics. I mean I love sports…on TV. I DO love exercising. I don’t mind doing sit ups, squats or dancing. Even though push ups freak me out. Not because I can’t do them, but because I can’t help thinking that if I try to, my hands will come loose at the shoulder sockets. Not a happy thought. Nevertheless yes, I love exercising. But put me in a real sporting activity and you will know the answer to the greatest question that has puzzled men for decades now…why does Victoria Beckham never smile?
Just saying I’m as puzzled as to why I cannot do a slam dunk. Or synchronized swimming. I blame my legs personally. These same legs that failed me when I …

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