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Style Diary: Ashi A

I am a huge fan of  ironyofashi.com and I just had to get the blogger herself to feature on Style Diary. I magine how elated I was when Ashi was game and said yes to being a part of our famous style diary segment. What a great way to start the weekend. Browse Ashi’s style regimen and yes you are allowed to steal some inspiration. After all that is what this Style Diary is for! Without further ado, meet Ashi.


Hey beautiful people! My name is Agatha some people know me as Amaka or Ashi (which comes from my blog), Nigerian by origin, Igbo by tribe (igbo kwenu!)  And I own a personal blog that entails me blogging about fashion, DIYS, inspirations and a bunch of other things that relate to my everyday life along side …

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Style Diary: Diane Attienyo

By Posted on 3 976

Let’s keep our glasses raised in celebration of the international day of the woman. Meet yet another stylish female out there. Welcome to Diane’s Style Diary. Enjoy this style journey and make sure to take a souvenir back with you:)
In a few words tell us who you are… My name is Diane Attienyo, I am from Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire and I’m a Junior in college majoring in Finance (I know nothing related to fashion haha). I’m kind of a simple person, I love reading, having fun with my friends and recently I found myself enjoying DIYing stuff =)

One of my DIY projects. The Before.
After… Do you like it? I love!


What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices? That is always the hardest question to answer for me because I don’t really …

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