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ABY Style: My Miry by Sara Coulibaly Launches New Collection

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Sara Coulibaly has a thing for feet, this Paris based Ivorian entrepreneur has a passion for making women’s feet look glamorous and sexy in a simple and elegant way. Over one year ago since she rebranded as “My Miry” which literally translates as “my thoughts” in the Malinké dialect, the brand has transformed itself into an affordable yet exclusive premium footwear and accessories brand crafted from the drawing board of Sara’s imagination, inspired by her own passions and brought to life in a studio in the South of Spain which enlists Carolina Herrera as a client.


Since her first pair of shoes, Sara Coulibaly has magnified through every pair the beauty of fusing materials, the resourcefulness of craftsmanship and the subtle yet eclectic contrast of colours which is seen in the new collection named “Heaven”


My  …

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Umba: Handcrafted With Love

One thing I love about blogging is the fact that you get to encounter and interact with some of the most creative people. There are more innovative people out there than we can ever imagine. One of them is the creative brain and magic hands behind Umba. Umba is an African textile jewelry and accessory line using only high quality african wax and ankara wax fabrics which I stumbled upon on Facebook. The handcrafted designs are unique, the fabric is out of this world, every piece is a stand out. There was no way I could resist doing a blog post on it.


About the brand.

Umba ~ Origin Swahili (V) to create, make, or mold. 
Umba is an African textile jewelry line that …

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Style Diary: Stephanie D

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Style Diary rocks because it shows showcases unique individuals. And what’s even better? You get to discover people and styles from all around the world. This is to show there is no limit to fashion and style is endless. With the memories of an Easter celebration still lurking fresh in our minds, I thought I’d give my dear readers a late Easter present. So in the spirit of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, I present to you today’s Style Diary Stephanie D. But mind you, Stephanie is no bunny. She puts the fierce in fashion and the pizzazz in personality. Stephanie keeps it classy while still rocking that rock chic glam. But enough of my saleswoman pitch. Why don’t you see for yourself and then leave your feedback on what you think.
Meet her…Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie. Small town girl from the Philippines. I blog about fashion, …

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Style Diary: Audrey NM

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I love this saying by Yves Saint Laurent which goes; Fashion fades, style is eternal. And by golly is he right! That is why all the people in this diary are not only fiercely fashion forward but each one has got a unique sense of STYLE. It comes naturally to them. Today we’ll be going down Audrey’s style lane. Audrey is the proud CEO of Uzuri Couture and most recent winner of the Music And Fashion Battle (MAFB). Style is the invisible middle name on her birth certificate. Seriously, like she was born to do this. Correct me if I am wrong but first read on.
Who are you? My name is Audrey Ngo Mbog , I’m 23 years old, Cameroonian and living in Holland. I’m a student in International Business and Languages with the drive and dream to become a fashion designer. Which is the profession I exercise next to …

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‘Feroce et Calme’ by Mariam Afolabi

The Algaia label introduces a new and debut collection by the talented Mariam Afolabi who is a London based Nigerian designer. The new collection is titled ‘Feroce et Calme’ which is French for Fierce and Calm. The designer admits she has been inspired by a Marilyn Monroe quote which goes  ”I don’t mind living in a man’s world, so long as I can be a woman in it.”  Each piece in her collection bears an aspect which makes the name Feroce et Calme very apt. The feminine pieces showcase calmness in their maxi lengths but their sheer and see-through aspect add fierceness. And what is fierce about the menswear? Well, apart from the male model (forgive my trespasses), Mariam’s use tribal and ethnic references is pure ferocious. There is both strength and vulnerability highlighted in each piece. What are your thoughts?

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Green Glam Jewelry (via Chicquero)

This is what ART is about. Love it!

Green Glam Jewelry Sarah Hood, jewelry maker from Seattle, WA Her work consists of several unique jewelry pieces, ranging from very wearable limited edition. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind sculptural art jewelry. I love the elegant  feeling, explored in her natural world, both its forms and its materials. Shed has many incredible pieces, they are all unexpected in a good way. Take a look at her blog, creative stuff. Green all the way.. Check It out: http://sarahhoodje … Read More

via Chicquero

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