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Style Diary: Mia T

Mia Taylor is my style star today. I just love her confidence and positive aura. 
I’m Mia Taylor. I’m from Charlotte, NC by way of Cincinnati, OH. I’m a 24 year old fashion blogger who received my B.S. in journalism. I love writing and I love fashion. I started blogging back in 2008 before blogging was even the “in” thing to do. I created Diary of a Fatshionista in May 2010.

What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices? (Could be ethnic influences, vintage and couture, street smart…) 
I say my style is Beauty Meets the Streets. I love being dolled up all the time, but having an edge. Hair, makeup, and nails are always the finishing touches on any outfit. My favorite fashion icons, Kardashians, Rihanna, Lala, Rachel Zoe, …

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Style Diary: Klerlie R

I have been off blogging for weeks now but Style Diary is back to put everything ack on track. Today’s fashionista hails from Haiti.

My name is Klerlie Raymond. I am 100% Haitian, raised my whole life in Miami, Fl. I love to shop; I love thrifting, reading, blogging and anything that involves a margarita or a glass of wine.


-My dressing style is very vintage. Most of my clothes and very unique pieces come from thrift stores. I also shop in stores like Forever 21 and H&M for common pieces such as jeans, camis, etc. My style influences are bohemian chic and vintage.

-Favourite designer is…Balmain!!! His current line is amazing. The whites, crèmes, and leathers …

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Style Diary: Tanesha A

By Posted on 9 2.1K

Today’s Style Diary surely must look familiar to a lot of you. Tanesha is popurlarly known in the blogosphere as ‘Girl With Curves,’ and has one of them most inspiring blogs for curvy women I have come across. Tanesha’s started her blog because she wanted to change lives through fashion. And she sure is doing that! tanesha has been featured in Glamour, Marie Claire and Forever 21 which only goes to show two things:

1. Love your body. Other people will appreciate and love your body only as much as you do.

2. The web is what you make of it, dedicated blogging will take you places.

Let’s get to know more about Tanesha’s style regimen.

I’m Tanesha Awasthi from San Francisco. My main blog is called Girl With Curves and I want …

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16 Shops Every Curvaceous Diva Should Know About.

By Posted on 1 1.3K

Unless you are in her shoes, you will never understand how hard and frustrating shopping can be for a plus size lady. That is why I have gone through all the trouble to research the best Plus size stores and online shops out there. From casual to club wear to office gear.  Of course, I could not have have found every single one of them, so if you have any names that I might have left please drop a link below. Meanwhile, am hoping this post makes shopping more fun for some curvy sisters out there. After all, girls just wanna have fun.
Please note that the pros and cons I have included are only my opinion. And the looks featured are just a few out of many. To get the best picture, click on the links to visit the site and give us your own review.
Click on …

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Six Style Tips For Every Curvy Woman.

By Posted on 9 6.3K

With the International day of the women here, I thought to myself what better way to celebrate women than by appreciating what makes women what they are. And what else? Curves, duh!
Yes, curves. And not the silky hair, or voluminous lashes, or the most perfect mani – pedis. It’s all about the curves. They define the very essence of womanhood. Gone are the days when glossy mags and tv ads seemed biased against the curvy woman. Ironically women who wear sizes 12 to 20 (UK size )  form the majority of the world’s female population. If curvy women outnumber the rest of  the female population, then whichever designers decided to snob them, if not sick upstairs, is really terrible at math or business. Considering the fact that they are a large market to target… Anywhoo, like I said, gone are those days. More ‘realistic’ and ‘everyday’  women are being used …

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