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OOTD: Mochalicious

sound bite 3

**Disclaimer: I’m sorry I just had to airbrush that bread roll looking love handle that suddenly appeared out of nowhere on my back…0_o (Runs to the gym). If you can’t spot it then my Photoshop skills are getting freaking good!

Ola! This post is so late. I won’t even write what I had planned to. But something silly happened today at work though…Okay, I was having the usual slow day at work when the phone rings. I pick it and the person at the other end just lets out 3 very loud farts…I usually am not here for prank calls. Cold callers, people calling to pest about insurance and all that just get a massive sigh from me every time. But for some reason this person did not get hung up on.

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OOTD: Magenta Lace

reiss dress pink 4ab


It’s holiday season and other than holidays off work and lots of food, one thing I love about holidays are shopping for bargains. Everywhere you go, it’s SALES, OFFERS, DEALS, BARGAIN! Which is where my problem with MAC Cosmetics lies…So am I the only one who has noticed that MAC hardly does any sales at all? On Cyber Monday and all other sales events you will see one dry poster that reads ‘FREE SHIPPING’ on their website… As if! I’m not here for it!

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OOTD: Golden Cutouts


Hi gorgeous reedahs! I haven’t done an outfit post in a minute! After Solange’s wedding pictures, I don’t think any amount of outfit glamness will outdo what she just did. Lawd. White is about to be my favourite colour  because of that stunt they pulled on us. Talk about everyone at the wedding wearing white and still NO ONE out-shined the bride. That’s how how you assert yourself. Well, it’s a good thing I wore my fair share of white this weekend.

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