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Style Diary: Mariel W .

By Posted on 5 1.2K

Style Diary brings you the best style muses in the blogosphere. We went to the Philippines once and read Stephanie’s Style Diary. It was so good that we had to just go back once more! What can I say? Filipinos know their Style 101:)  Today we’ll be meeting feisty chic Mariel W whom you probably best know as The Wicked Ying. Let’s get cracking.
Tell us a little about yourself…I’m Mariel W. better known as Wicked Ying in the cyberspace. I’m a 20 something small town girl from the southern part of the Philippines.  I have a day job which is mainly based online. That being said, I have grown to enjoy “blogging” as a past time or merely a break from an all-day work. I recently finished my 365 looks challenge wherein I post outfits on a daily basis. I was able to surpass a …

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Style Diary: Zahra D

By Posted on 3 1.1K

Our Style Diary guest today describes her personality as ‘short n chiq.’ Well, I’ll add fierce ‘n’ feisty to that. Let’s see if you agree.
Meet Zahra…My name is Zahra Davis and I’m 24. I recently moved to LA from MD to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and now I’m currently a visual merchandiser for American Apparel. I’m an extreme Virgo. I have a creative mind and love relishing in anything fashion.

What would you say best describes your dressing style? My style reflects my mood and my personality. I like to try different silhouettes, colors, and overall styles, but I always put my own flare or touch to it. I like to show off my curves but not in an overt way. I love high fashion and couture, but Im more inspired by street style because its more tangible. Style …

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Green Glam Jewelry (via Chicquero)

This is what ART is about. Love it!

Green Glam Jewelry Sarah Hood, jewelry maker from Seattle, WA Her work consists of several unique jewelry pieces, ranging from very wearable limited edition. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind sculptural art jewelry. I love the elegant  feeling, explored in her natural world, both its forms and its materials. Shed has many incredible pieces, they are all unexpected in a good way. Take a look at her blog, creative stuff. Green all the way.. Check It out: http://sarahhoodje … Read More

via Chicquero

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