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ABY Events: SIPEC (Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon) – The Launch

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As much as I love fashion, I do realise that it doesn’t come first. As a young professional, one must strive to be better than their utmost best. My love for Jimmy Choos can only be reinforced by how hard I work to afford them 😉 I love seeing young people (especially Cameroonians) successfully exploiting their entrepreneurial skills. That’s exactly why I was beaming with pride and excitement when I glimpsed the SIPEC story a few days ago via Facebook. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to feature it and encourage others to join the movement.

The Concept

SIPEC, an acronym for Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon. This initiative seeks to promote the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Cameroon. This is done through identifying entrepreneurs and small businesses and creating a platform to market their services …

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Camer Spotlight: Dr Georges Bwelle (Let’s Make Him A Hero)

I have always been a fan of the CNN Heroes awards show. Every year I’d sit in front of the TV screen and listen to these extraordinary good deeds done by immensely kind people. Not only did these touching stories make me cry shamelessly but they also made me vow to be the first Cameroonian CNN hero.

But Dr. Georges Bwelle has beat me to it.


Here’s What He Did:

Dr. Georges goes trekking through mud, rivers and jungle to provide free medical care. He offers free weekend surgeries. That is a huge lifesaver given the cost of surgery in Cameroon and the mass number of people who find it increasingly difficult to be able to afford surgery.

This Cameroonian doctor with a big heart is doing us proud. Here’s the story of Dr. Bwelle …

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Camer Spotlight: Geli Forlefac

I like to treat my ABY readers and what better time for a well-deserved treat than on a Friday?! After a long and gruelling week of hard work, late nights and early mornings here’s something to make you smile. On Camer Spotlight this week is edgy Cameroonian model Miss Geli Forlefac. I shot a few quirky questions at the Grace-Jones-type-fierce model and here are the fun replies she had for me:

ABY: Let’s get the basic introductions in. Who’s Geli?  Well, first off, my family is straight from Cameroon. I was born in the States with the rest of my siblings and I guess that’s what they call first generation. I grew up in Maryland right outside of D.C around Silver Spring and Bethesda. I went to Bethesda Chevy Chase High school. I’m currently not enrolled in University. …

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Style Diary: Brenda C

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Hiya precious ABYers! What have you been up to? How about we add some extra spice to your afternoon with this scintillating Style Diary from the one and only Skinny Bish, Miss Brenda Chuinkam. If like me, you’ve been following Brenda via her social media updates, then you would know she’s a top fashion force to be reckoned with. Repping #Team237 and all the Skinny Bishes, I present Brenda.

ABY: Who is Brenda?

My name is Brenda and I was born in Gabon but partly raised in New York and a Cameroonian citizen who currently resides in Toronto. I am a Technical Advisor for Sony Canada who loves dressing up and going for events.

 brenda chuinkam

ABY: How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is more or less curves …

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Camer Spotlight: Melcube

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Camer Spotlight is a regular feature that provides insight and in depth knowledge with some of our favourite Cameroonian talents. You’ve read about how Mesanga’s passion for fashion inspired her to create the beautiful Mesanga Fashion House, about Sama Ndango is the very definition of entertainment himself, how the  beautiful Vanessa Myers went from small beginnings to becoming a high fashion model and about the young and  inspiring Reneta Ndisang who is the name behind the well-known Afro Chic Clothing brand.

Today we’ll be veering towards the music scene with singer and songwriter Melcube. Here we go!

Thank you for finding the time to do this feature on ABY! First off, who is Melcube?

My pleasure! Melcube is a Producer/Rapper/Songwriter from Cameroon, West-Africa. Born in Mamfe, Manyu Division under the name Ashu-Ayem Hope …

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