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White Hot Rihanna in Barbados.

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Rihanna wows fans once again as she dons yet another body baring outfit in Barbados. The singer was spotted at a beach in Barbados as she was jet skiing with a group of friends. Looks like the singer is dropping the red locks for real. She has not been spotted once this month with her red waves. I must say though that this new hair and colour seems more natural and suits her skin tone. Riri looks fab (and toned) as usual. Go girl!

Wedgie;) Wink*

Rate this: Do you think she looks smokin’ hot or a hot mess?

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Rihanna Bares It All in Barbados

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Rihanna returns home to Barbados for the Kadooment Day Parade. The sexy songstress showed off her amazing bod in a red skimpy bikini ensemble. Even though her signature red locks were missing in action, in its place the singer wore red decorative feathers as head gear.

Riri appeared to be having fun with her fellow country men as one of the guys engaged Riri in a provocative dance turn. What I love most about this is how not skinny she is. I like how she has a normal figure and not the dreamy bod that glossy mags and tv ads want us to believe all celebrities have.

What do you think of Rihanna’s festive spirit outfit?

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