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Style Diary: Fisayo Longe

Style Diary has been quiet for some time now but no more! I’ve been keeping this special style diary feature, saving it for last because she’s one of my favourite bloggers. She is on top of this game as far as I’m concerned. Plus I just love her. Maybe cos she looks a little bit like my sister Barbie…oh well. Repping London and Lagos today for us is Fisayo…


ABY: Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Fisayo Longe. A Nigerian girl living in London always looking for the next pair of shoes to buy or country to travel to. I have a deep love for travel and fashion and the way both worlds magically interact with each other.

ABY: …

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ABY Prose: My First Published Work

By Posted on 9 964

For the last few days I have been deeply engrossed in the expertly-written stories on Pretty Nde’s blog Find Palaver Woman: Telling African Women’s stories. In fact I was so into Lunch Date that I missed my stop on my way to work! Good grief. Which got me thinking, I love reading other people’s work but I never get to share mine. I mean I do share my fashionable opinion on red carpet events and celebrity sightings but writing has always been my first love. I find book stores weirdly soothing and homely and nostalgic. Books N’ Things in Buea was my haven. I still can’t believe it’s being shut down 🙁

I started blogging with the intent to put out my writing but I’ve never been able to bring myself to do so. Why? I’m dead nervous when it comes …

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ABY Lust Item Of The Day: Topshop Premium Full Feather Skirt

By Posted on 1 1.1K

If you ever scrolled through my sidebar, you’d have noticed I had a ‘Currently Lusting’ carousel slider which consisted of items I had on my must have list. Well, I’m turning that feature into a whole new segment!

If you love my Lust Items, as much as I do, you too can purchase them. This segment will feature different items ranging from shoes, bags, accessories, clothes and so much more!

First up is this gorgeous Premium Blush Pink Feather Skirt by Topshop. It was £80 before but it’s now £30. What a steal for such a flaming item. 

The skirt is pink, it’s mini and feathery – which is everything I love about a fun skirt.


It’s made of Ostrich and Turkey feathers and is a premium item. …

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OOTD: PS: I Love Blue

Have I told you lately that I love blue? I must have. I especially love this soft and cuddly jumper whose cornflower blue colour jumps right out at you. I haven’t bought myself any ‘Christmas clothes’ (yet) this Christmas, so I thought for my X-mas Outfit Of The Day, I might as well revamp a few of my favourite pieces 🙂 

It is not a Christmas jumper but it is as close to one as I like to can get.

This cornflower blue jumper, I have previously styled on this post titled  Cornflower Blue (creative title right there…;)), I have worn this super comfy and chic orange Zara leather court shoe on Leatha In The Summa, these trousers are a fairly new addition to my basics collection and the studded clutch, well, I’ve owned it forever.

Feeling …

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About Me

Hey there. I’m Lydie, and you just commenced your good deed of the day by stopping by:)

I’m a Cameroonian-born London-based aspiring writer/stylist. I am enthusiastic about shopping sprees, words and sexy heels. This blog chronicles my style evolution and fashion cravings. It features some of my creative writing. 

I blog to express, not to impress. 

I love to promote budding artists and talented people out there. For any bookings, promotions or features please email artbecomesyoublog@gmail.com.

You’re awesome for stopping by. You know what will make you even ‘awesomer’? Dropping a comment. And you know what will top all of that? Subscribing 🙂

Hehe, no pressure.


Love & Light xx

IMG_7828 IMG_7843

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OOTD: All Black Errthang

As colourful as I might seem, I do love me some neutrals and black is defo one of my favourite colours. I mean come on, who doesn’t love black? First off, do you know that black goes well on EVERYBODY? Now, that’s what I call unbiased. 

We all know a few things about black, like the fact that it is slimming and everyone needs a little black dress in their closet.

But do you know that black is the most fashionable colour? Scratch that. Black IS fashion. Ever heard of the snowclone phrase, X (insert any colour) is the new black? The colloquialism “X is the new black” is a reference to the latest trend or fad that is considered a wardrobe basic for the duration of the trend, on the basis that black is always fashionable.

Think Chanel …

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I’ve Been Nominated!

By Posted on 22 833

So 3 bloggers nominated me last week for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am short of words on how to thank them. Thank you to, Aqualekkergarla, Jae Lei Nyght and Cioccolatuscuro’s Blog for thinking of me and for reading through my blog. Nice to know that someone reads your work.

1] Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2] List seven random things about yourself.

3] Nominate fifteen other blogs.

4] Notify the fifteen nominees.

5] Put the award logo on your blog.

So I’ve already thanked the three bloggers who nominated me and linked their blogs. Please check them out, you wouldn’t regret it!

Now my …

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