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OOTD: Spring Monochrome

summer whites 4

I thought this fabulous Mohair Coat was my best vintage find ever….Until I stumbled upon this Levi’s Denim Jacket at Harper & Lewis Vintage boutique in the Bullring. I love denim so much and the cut of this was 100% DOPE. I had to have it. Plus it was on the sale rack (for £30). WHOOOOOOPWHOOOOOP. I literally danced out of there.

It is so stylish and warm enough to be warn through out the year. It will be the object of my affection this summer.

I’ve just been too lazy lately to be even bother with twists out on my hair (my go to style), so I combed out my hair with a bit LOT of Fushi’s Virgin Coconut Oil and I was good to go. I won’t even bother styling my …

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ABY Naturalista: Baroness Countess

TGIF! I’m in the mood for a new Naturalista post.

Kicking off the weekend with this Fabulous Fro Queen, Lichelle.


My name is Lichelle, and I live in NYC. I’m a Natural hair and Beauty Blogger. I post Natural hair and Makeup tips on my IG and website pages, and I love inspiring women to go natural across the globe.

What’s your heritage?

I identify my heritage as being multi-cultural. We all came from the same source. 🙂

What was your hair like before you went natural?

My hair was relaxed and straight up until 2010

Why did you go natural?

When I went natural, I didn’t …

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ABY Naturalista: Freda Fro

It’s Wednesday and it’s about time I caught up on one of my favourite ABY features, ABY Naturalista! Today Freda Fro shares her natural dos and don’ts.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Alfreda Ashiofu, but most people on the web know me as Freda Fro. I’m 20 yrs old, a health major, and I was born and raised in Nigeria but currently reside in Texas.

What’s your heritage (roots)? 

I’m 100% Nigerian, as far as I know tracing back to several of my “forefathers” lol!


What was your hair like before you went natural?

I was growing it out from my boarding school low cut, and it had been relaxed for a little over three years. My hair however would …

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10 Natural Bloggers (Whose Hair I Want To Cut N’ Paste On My Head!).

As you all know I am a big fan of natural hair. Read my post on 101 natural Hair Ideas.  My hair though has refused to be tamed so I have given up on trying to keep it natural and now relax it about once every six weeks and treat it twice a week. The last time I tried to go natural I ended up looking like ‘the Before’ in a hair commercial. It therefore baffles me how these bloggers manage to look so effortlessly chic and sexy in their hair. I swear they have personal  ‘Hairy Godmothers’ that come and curl and detangle their hair while they sleep, because how else does one make their to look that great? Even though this post says 10 bloggers, it is in honour of all my natural divas. Just to say you all are looking fly. For those …

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101+ Black Hair Ideas: Part One

Everyone has a bad hair day. At least once fortnightly. That is the scary bitter truth. Instead of panicking, and letting your hair bring you down all day, it is best to have in mind tips that will always come in handy on such days.  When you get a new hairstyle, you have these cool ideas in your head that you just cannot wait to try out. You start experimenting these style ideas and only in the space of a week you’ve exhausted every single one of them. What next? You start getting bored with your hair, which leads to resenting it, which then leads to you not taking care of it…and we all know what happens to neglected hair (bought or natural). People start mistaking you for the Mad Hatter (Google it if you don’t know what he looks like) and we sure do not want that to happen.
I …

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Colour Block Muse: Nifesimi

Remember my vintage muse Funeka in my last post? Well, this time I’m introducing my colour block muse Nifesimi. She is a young Nigerian fashion enthusiast like yours truly and blogger. You would not understand when I say she blocks like no other until you see for yourself what I am talking about. I hope her  colours and quirky yet fun n sexy combinations inspire you the way they did me. you can check out her blog at Skinny Hipster. Enjoy. And don’t forget, be inspired by her. Do NOT copy her.Huge difference. You do not want to become someone else. That is not the essence of fashion.It’s essence is being yourself.

loving this floral theme.
hot shoe alert!
the side braid just gives it an added …

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After The Cut: What Will Make Your Short Hair Stand Out.

So despite everyone telling you not to go for that big chop, you did it. You finally went for it. and yes, it was fun to rock short hair the first few weeks and being able to feel all that wind in your face but now you are running out of ideas on what to do with your short locks. Worst of all, you are almost convinced you now look like a boy…the absolute horror! DO NOT fret. Here are some fabulous ideas on what to do with your hair (esp stubborn Afro hair) After The Cut.
1. Glow
The biggest secret to pulling off short hair is first of all to take care of your skin. It may not sound important but it plays a very crucial part in helping your haircut enhance your facial features. Why is that?  Cutting off one’s hair exposes every …

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