Sweet Listen: Ozee – Designer Girl

I know we ladies all love fashion, especially the big brand names like Louis V, Prada and Gucci. But we can always try not to make our designer cravings so obvious especially to guys who are still in the process of trying to choose which opening line to impress us with. (Even though it’s fun to name drop sometimes :)).Because they will use it against us. Which is what Ozee, a budding Nigerian singer, has done here in his new single called ‘Designer Girl.’  He explains the hell he goes through when he tries to ask a ‘Designer Girl’ out. LOL.
So this bit is dedicated to all my Designer Sisters, but mind you who bear no similarities at all with the lady described here!
Doesn’t matter really. Any beat that make me dance is a good beat. And this did! So enjoy!

Happy  designer shopping with your guys!
Holla 🙂

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  • david a k a dozee
    February 11, 2014

    my designner sister”just bear like that has ozee has stated!

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Sweet Listen: Ozee – Designer Girl

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