F O X Y  B R O W N: Pre-lockdown monochromes. Ph by @scarlettstvns

F O X Y B...

R E ‘F A B’ I S H E D: Playing dress up and unlocking new combos.

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B O Y  M U M: To all the mommas kicking ass out there, happy Mother’s Day to you! The hardest and most rewarding job ever 👸🏾💪🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾 #happymothersday❤️#boymum

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B R E A T H E: One thing I am loving about staying in all day is get to let my skin breathe and take a break from wearing daily makeup. Getting my money’s worth from all the hyaluronic acid masks I’ve been hoarding 👐🏽 💦 #stayhydrated

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N E W T R A L S: More than anything, it’s the uncertainty about this whole situation that worries me. Never been a fan of the unknown. Hope you all are staying safe and keeping the mind active and stimulated in new ways. For introverts like me, this is a walk in the park 🤷🏾‍♀️ Ph by @scarlettstvns

N E W T R...

F E E L I N G  B R A I D Y: Braids are falling my name but when I think of the SKRESS that I go through to get them done, that feeling summers down almost immediately 😅😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Ph by @scarlettstvns .#happyFriday #HaveALazyOne 😊

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P R E S S I N G  O N: The day I decided to stick with acrylics was the day one of my press-on nails fell on the damn table in the train and everyone ( including me ) FROZE! I was out of there like, that ain’t mine, see ya never !👋🏾 🥴😩😭 Ph @arewaphotograph

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T H E  L A T T E R: There are 2 types of people on the internet these days: Those who know  TikTok as the social networking app or TikTok as the bop by Ke$ha. Which one are you? #ImTheLatter #NoButSeriously #WhatIsTikTokAbout #CantFigureItOutToSaveMyLife #StillAintMasteredSnapchatThough #Damn 😂😩👊🏾

T H E L A...

Style Diary: Valerie B

Having a slow start? Don’t fret. Our style diary is here to provide you with the most diverse and interesting styles around the blogosphere. Today’s diary is Valerie whose sewing and creative skills I envy greatly.
Hey people, My name is Seyi and I am from Nigeria. I am a Fashion designer and I just finished from FIDM. I am a very laid back person, I love fashion, I also love reading, I guess i’m kind of a nerd. 
– My dressing is eclectic, I don’t follow trends. I get my inspiration from everywhere, vintage, African fashion, movies, blogs. 
– I love Zara, Asos, H&M and Forever 21. If I like it, I buy it, so far it is within my budget. 
– I just try to wash my face at night, apart from that, I don’t do anything special. 

– Ok! I don’t know Jack about make up, My makeup bag is so scanty it is embarrassing, I just love lipsticks, I don’t have eye shadows, mascaras and all of that. 
– I like my lips, I guess that’s why I love lipsticks.I have so many. 
-Fave track is Chris Brown’s All back. 
– I like so many trends now, its surprising. I like the mixing prints trend, the neon trend, the bib necklace trend, the oversize clutch trend, the hi-low trend and so many others. 
– I think things should be done in moderation and also should be occasion appropriate, don’t go for a formal event looking like you are going to the club. 
-5 must haves: I cannot do without a lip gloss in my purse, if i forget it at home, I stop by somewhere to get one, A pair of flats, I love comfort so even if i wear heels, I always carry back up flats, A big bag, that can fit all my stuff, that is why i love the oversize clutch trend, my phone and a pair of sunnies
– All time icon is Coco Chanel 
– Best quote : when you dress Shabbily, people remember the dress, when you dress fabulous, people remember the woman – Coco Chanel 
– My blog- blackvalerie.blogspot.com/ 
lookbook- lookbook.nu/user/238432-Valerie-B 
My facebook fan page: facebook.com/Blackvalerie 
I love the African print girl. What do you make of  Valerie’s style?
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