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Your favourite segment, Style Diary is back with a bang! Real swagger is that which is effortless. And that is exactly what fashion blogger Nicole oozes: effortless-chic swagger.
Tell us a little about yourself…Hi I’m Nicole, I’m from Orange County California. I love food, sports and fashion, in that order. I’m a serious thrifter. I love finding gems in a pile of junk. I blog about fashion and anything else that inspires me. 
What influences my style is people on the streets, blogs, music, books, anything that catches my attention and sends a spark to my brain, I take a mental note and work it into my clothing. I generally keep it pretty simple but sometimes I like to mix it up. Fashion is all about having fun so I like to experiment all the time. 
My beauty secret is… I don’t have one! Moisturize after I wash my face? haha!
 Favorite make up brands are MAC, Bobbi Brown and Lorac. I’m addicted to MAC lipstick Russian Red is my everyday color. 
What is the most beautiful thing about me? hmm That’s an interesting question, I guess I would have to go with what I get complimented most on and that would be my cheek bones which I have actually come to love. I accentuate them by using a bronzer to highlight them. 
If I could trade places with one person for a week it would have to be hands down Tim Burton. I want to pick his brain and get into that dark mystical intelligence that creates all these wonderful and creepy movies. 
Favorite music track would have to be anything Kenny Chesney! I love country music, every morning I listen to him while getting ready for the day. It just starts the day off so delightful and upbeat. 
Last book I read and currently reading is The Great Gatsby. Never gets old. 
If you got it, flaunt it… I say if you got it, don’t flaunt it.. keep the imaginations running. 
If my life was a movie it would be called “Little Miss Gypsy” played by Drew Barrymore, she is one of a kind and my favorite actress. I’ll leave the details of the movie up to your own creative minds, as we all know you can never predict where a gypsy will be from one day to the next. 
What you would find in my hand bag right now is my wallet, work schedule, MAC Russian Red lipstick, ChapStick (2 things I do not leave with out), perfume, gum, keys, phone and a brush (my bangs get a little crazy sometimes). 
If my house was up in flames there is no way I could just grab one thing from my closet it would have to be as many shoes as possible and one, if not all of my leopard coats. 
All time favorite fashion icons would be Audrey Hepburn, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss, and Diane Von Furstenberg
Favorite quote, more like favorite saying “Carpe Diem” I actually have it tattooed on my wrist. 
Yes I have a blog you can check it out here: 
And my lookbook profile here: advice to young people is just to stay true to yourself, stand up for what you believe in, and always keep an open mind to the new and unknown. 

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Peace n Love 🙂

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  • Tiki2a
    June 29, 2012

    Choi, to each his own.

    Plus she needs fufu and eru. Two fufu.